Devy Spotlight: Antonio Gandy-Golden

I have noticed that this draft is loaded with a surprising amount of 6’3”+ receivers. How do you separate yourself from the rest of them? We all know of the hype for guys like Collin Johnson, N’Keal Harry, Hakeem Butler, J.J. Arcega Whiteside, and even David Sills V, but one guy that gets lost in that conversation(excluding our very own Kyle Francis) among the higher-ups in the draft world is that of Antonio Gandy-Golden. The best of these receivers have more nuanced route running, more versatility, but a huge way to raise yourself up the board from them all is by being a smooth athlete. That is why Hakeem Butler is my WR1 and will be.

That is the difference between Hakeem Butler and N’Keal Harry. Harry is ridiculously good and will be a first-round draft pick, but he is not nearly as fluid an athlete as Butler. I hate to say it, but he is not nearly as fluid of an athlete as Antonio Gandy-Golden either. Thus, I remark that AGG has the same characteristics as a lot of these guys. Gandy-Golden is a high percentage jump ball guy, who will dominate in the red zone, and of course, has fantastic body control. But, just like I said, his fluid routes and the smooth athlete he is on tape separate him from a lot of receivers in this class. Check this out:

These all represent a common theme among Gandy-Golden’s film. I think he is a bit more of a nuanced route runner than we give him credit for. No, he is not a world beater like Riley Ridley, but he certainly can use those fluid hips to create separation. His breaks are just super fluid and direct, or in other words, he has quick breaks that capitalize on his athleticism. Now, those hips he has might be smooth, but what he completes all of these is the angles he takes towards his routes.

He makes his seams super vertical, and boy does that ever capitalize off of his ability to go up and get the ball. Gandy-Golden is such a polished product and athlete, and that is why he very well could sneak into the higher rounds for many teams. It is not every day where you find a 6’4” burner that can not only make the grabs in traffic but shows nuanced route running and smoothness in his movements as Gandy-Golden does. Oh, and if you doubt me on the contested catch ability, just check these two clips out.

The more you watch Gandy-Golden, the more you understand that he understands the nuances of the wide receiver position. He knows how to use his frame to his advantage; he knows the concepts of deception and leverage, and boy is he ever aware of his surroundings. This guy not only high-points the ball with ease, but he has some ridiculous body control. You cannot just make a contested catch along the sideline with that amount of ease unless you are incredibly skilled. His ability to not only move with those long strides but create momentum to get vertical and get outside on off-man is just a sign of an incredibly polished WR.

AGG is a guy that should be rising up all draft boards, and it is all because of what separates him from everyone else. The suddenness and smoothness he runs his routes with and overall just how fluid of an athlete he is should signal that this guy has the opportunity to be a WR1.

People just need to realize how good this guy is.

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