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Through My Eyes   

When I look for a future wide receiver for my fantasy squads, the first thing I look for is how quickly they get off the line and how much separation they achieve when doing so. I saw this in Christian Kirk right out of high school where he accumulated 3,000 all-purpose yards. If you are on my level, then your fantasy “GURU” senses should be going freaking nuts! Not only can this kid get you receiving yards and points per reception he will also get you great return yards if you play in leagues that give scoring for special teams. 

The Ultimate Fantasy Weapon

Mr. Kirk’s statistical history up until now has been remarkable. I will call it now and say he is an ultimate weapon. In his senior year in high school, he amassed 61 receptions for 1187 yards with 17 touchdowns with his long being a 70 yarder. That is not all; by the way, Mr. Kirk went on also to rush for 1692 yards with an amazing 25 touchdowns, with his longest going for 80 yards. On to the big lights of Texas A&M, where in his starting freshman year he racked up 80 receptions for 1009 yards and 7 touchdowns and threw in 2 punt returns for good measure. Then we have his last year stats where he upped his touchdowns to 9 receiving, 3 via punt return and also had 83 receptions for 928 yards.

Kirk has great short area burst, but he can also string together stellar moves. Such as a wicked jump cut to a sick stiff arm. I love his willingness to set up his blockers and not go out of bounds every time contact is nearing, like a lot of diva WRs do. This young man will fight for the extra yard and most of the times, get it.

Whenever I scout players another thing I look for is a thing I call “Deliberateness.” Or a “Carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional movement or decision.” Mr. Kirk looks to be born with this trait because it seems to come so natural to him. Once he chooses a path to YAC and/or pay dirt, he keeps the course his gut tells him and he is highly successful.

Fantasy Scoring Outlook  

In most fantasy formats, return TDs don’t count, let alone special teams return yards. But, if they do in your league this is another huge bonus you get when drafting Kirk in your Devy drafts. I recently drafted Kirk in a Devy/PPR/TE premium/IDP orphan team I took over.

The Devy Draft gold I obtained in that league:

1.03 – RB, Derius Guice, LSU

1.06 – WR, Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

1.09 – RB, Kalen Ballage, Arizona St.

2.01 – WR, Auden Tate, Florida St.

2.05 – LB, Micah Kiser, U of Va.

2.06 – TE, Mark Andrews, Oklahoma

2.09 – LB, Cam Smith, USC

While I was drafting for this team and getting all this glorious Devy player bounty, I pondered if my league mates were worthy adversaries. I’d go with 50% are, 25% are okay and 25% …. REALLY are not. So, when looked at through that lens, this draft result was not that impressive. But to anyone who knows what they are doing in Devy leagues understands that this is an insanely solid haul.

Points, Points, Points

Kirk was an elite returner in the SEC conference last season and even had 2 punt returns for TD’s in one game. His straight line speed is something to behold once he plants his foot in the ground and goes down that beautiful path to the Promised Land. I can see him running in the high 4.3’s to the low 4.4’s in the 40-yard dash at the combine. His three-cone drill is what interests me most. He is the type of player I have not seen in some time. One who wears his desire to succeed on his sleeve and can back up his talk.

If he has a weakness I guess some will say it may be his size, (5’11” 205lbs.) and sometimes he catches passes with his body instead of his hands, where he can properly secure it. I have seen him many times though placing the ball in his other arm, away from defenders while running. This is an outstanding trait and shows awareness and discipline.

I started with the return yard production because that is the bonus to drafting Mr. Kirk. The meat and potatoes of the matter are his points per reception, yards after catch and touchdowns. This kid was a starter his freshman year and also was the only wideout in the SEC conference to have 70 receptions when bowl season arrived in 2016. “He is a grinder,” as one of my favorite coaches, Jon Gruden would say. If you know me then you know I love players who go hard every play and don’t take plays off. So, all you Jabroni’s who only look for size, I feel sorry for all of you, because I will select this monster and put him on my team over many other Devy WRs out there.

Final Statement

He has the chip of a small school player but plays for a major program from Texas. That is a tremendous recipe for fantasy success, my friends.


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