Devy Players of the Week

Grayson McCall’s stats are slightly padded by Coastal Carolina’s offensive scheme, which I believe would be fair to call a “Spread Triple Option” attack. Their offense utilizes the triple-option rushing attack, but out of the shotgun and receivers spread out wide, opposed to the under-center triple option we typically see from Army and Navy. The Coastal Carolina offense also utilizes a lot of Run-Pass-Options. This scheme forces the defense to respect the run and allows the QB to make easy reads. So you should consider this when evaluating McCall's stats, but you cannot undervalue his arm talent and athleticism. In 2020 McCall used his legs often and was efficient doing so, running for 569 yards and seven touchdowns. In 2021 he has not run nearly as often, rushing for just 188 yards and three touchdowns through nine games. He has been more effective as a passer though, as I previously mentioned, he leads the country in Passing Efficiency Rating and Passing Yards Per Attempt.
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