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Devron Davis is a cornerback for the University of Texas-San Antonio. He had very impressive stats last season such as: allowing just .74 yards per snap, allowing one catch per 14.6 snaps in coverage, and allowing only 43 yards after the catch. Perhaps the most impressive stat of all? Davis allowed a QB rating of 43.9 which is ranked 13th of 338 corners returning to college. It goes without saying, but Davis ranks very highly among Division I cornerbacks in the majority of statistical categories. He also possesses excellent size and athleticism – giving him a real shot at the NFL!

Here is a recent interview with Davis. We discuss his high school and college career and talk about his goals heading into his senior season. Enjoy!

You went to Franklin, and Golden Valley high school in California where during your time you earned All-California, and All-Golden Coast League honors. Overall, what was your high school football experience like?

  • My high school football experience was great. I had the opportunity to play with a lot of good players, Justin Davis (USC, LA Rams), and Iman Marshall (USC) among others. I was lucky enough to play with some of the top guys in California which really helped me to become successful.  

After high school you went to Merced (Juco) in California, can you take us through your recruiting process and how you ended up at Merced?

  • Out of high school, I had offers from San Diego State, Arizona, and Cal Berkeley. But because of grades, I couldn’t play for any of them. It crushed me at first. I liked coach Bob Casey at Merced, my Dad played corner at Merced, and then went on to play Corner at FSU with Deion Sanders. It really seemed like a good fit for me.

Coming out of Merced, you were rated as a 3-star prospect by both ESPN and 247. You received offers from the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Washington, and many more power 5 teams. What was that recruiting process like and can you tell us why you chose UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio)?

  • It was a crazy storm. I was lucky to have my cousin who went to Oregon State (Steven Nelson), who now starts for the Chiefs. He really helped me out with the whole process. Initially, I was gonna be a December graduate, and everyone was trying to get me to commit. They were really excited that I could play safety and corner, as well as return punts. The interest died down because I didn’t pass this class so I had to go school past December. In the spring I still had offers from Nebraska, Baylor, TCU, and Boise State. Frank Wilson, who was the UTSA coach that recruited me, was one of the LSU coaches that recruited me in December. We had a close bond, so that’s how I ended up there.

On your 247 recruiting profile, it says you have a 4.40 40 yard dash! When and where did you run that, and how excited were you to get that time?

  • It was at Nike Sparq in California. I ran the 4.40 and was super excited. I was a 17-year-old kid running a 4.4 which isn’t really normal. I was just really happy to know I possessed that elite speed, and it’s something I still work on now.

At 6’0 210 Lbs, your frame is definitely NFL ready, what are some ways you make sure your size works to your advantage?

  • I’m 6’0, but I also have pretty long arms. I’m longer corner, so I try to use my size to close as much space as possible. I use lead, and pro steps; these techniques help me mirror the receiver and keep him in front of me at all times, (and also) on hooks and curls. That size, when closing, is really important. This all sets me up to use my ball skills which I’m pretty confident in.

As a corner, is there any particular system (Zone, Man) that you prefer to play in, or do you like both pretty equally?

  • I love playing corner in general. But I really love the Press-Man system. I love being up in a receiver’s face and competing with him one on one.

Late last season you played against Texas A&M in College Station and had 2 passes defended, what was that game and whole experience like?

  • It was awesome, we had a great game. There were a lot of people there, and tons of excitement in the stadium. Twelve scouts were at the game watching the likes of Josh Reynolds and Myles Garrett. So much intensity on the field, competing against A&M who was previously ranked as high as 4th in the country was just so much fun. Overall I really enjoy playing against the top competition, so playing against that receiving corps that had Reynolds and Christian Kirk was great.

You guys went 5-3 in conference last year, and make it to the New Mexico Bowl. Overall, how would you say the season went, and what are your goals for this upcoming season?

  • We believed we were a better team; we felt like there were a lot of games that could have gone either way. This year we want to win the conference championship, and capitalize on our next bowl game, if we’re blessed enough to get there. Also, we really want to get stronger as a team, and really grow our bond.

Over this offseason, what have you been particularly working on as you prepare for your senior season?

  • I think every corner can always work on these things; I’ve been really focusing on my hip flexibility and transitioning out of breaks. I’m also always working on my speed since that’s so important. Those three things are what I am specifically working on.

In your own words, what is your greatest strength as a player?

  • I would say my Ball skills; it’s definitely at least up there with my best skills. I’m pretty confident at judging the ball in the air and timing my jump.

From your whole career, what’s one memory that really sticks out as one of your favorites?

  • Playing in College Station against A&M. The whole time leading up to the game, people were talking about how Josh Reynolds was gonna dominate our secondary, and also how I myself was gonna be dominated. It definitely lit a competitive fire in me! I was happy to be there, and compete against a guy that is going on to the NFL in Reynolds. I just really love competing against the highest level of competition.

Who, among all the players you have played against, has been the toughest cover?

  • Josh Reynolds, he was 6’3”, had a 41”vert., and had 4.5 (speed) – he was just really athletic.

From where you are now, what are you hoping to accomplish in your career?

  • Obviously, you want to go and compete at the next level with some of the best athletes in the world. I definitely want to go to the NFL and get my degree. Those are my big accomplishments I’m focusing on right now.

Where do you expect to get drafted?

  • I think I have a real chance at going on day 2! But honestly, I’m gonna be happy wherever I end up going! It will be a terrific moment and blessing just to get drafted.

What do you want people to know about Devron Davis / is there anything else you want to say?

  • I’m a competitive guy, and a down to earth, humble person. I just want to do anything to help my team win. Whether that be by playing special teams, corner, or as a returner. Bottom line, I’ll do anything to help the team.

Devron Davis was terrific to talk to, and you can tell he really loves the game and lives to compete. He’s a terrific athlete and player, I can’t wait to see what he and the rest of UTSA are able to accomplish this season!

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