Depth Charting: Miami Wide Receivers

One of Adam Gase’s strengths as an offensive coordinator is tailoring his offensive scheme to his personnel. This can be seen with his work with Peyton Manning with the Broncos, as he ran many of the concepts that Manning was familiar with when he played for the Colts in addition to giving him the autonomy he was used to. That being said, he did add wrinkles from his background in both the spread and air Coryell systems.

While Ryan Tannehill may not receive the same level of autonomy at the line of scrimmage, both Gase’s quarterback and wide receivers succeed in space. Look for a lot of motion and routes that Tannehill can hit in rhythm, with occasional shots over the top on seams and fades. However, because of the overall lack of size on the receiving corps, it may be difficult for Miami WRs to win consistently down the field on 50/50 balls. –Offense Breakdown By Andrew Moss

The movement has been pontification inducing amongst the Fantasy masses. A few pieces (Albert Wilson, Danny Amendola) have come in and one large seemingly overrated piece (Jarvis Landry) left to join the dawg pound.

Is this Parker’s year?

The DeVante Parker experience has hardly been electric. His hype coming out was real. Thankfully I was unable to move heaven and earth to draft him as others coveted him a lot more than myself. He was going as high as 1.05 in rookie drafts (after Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper and Kevin White). I even saw him go as high as 3.14 in startup draft. Parker’s career has been decent. It’s highly likely that Miami had a bigger role in mind. He just hasn’t shown that tenacious “my player” savagery we saw at Louisville.

He has 8 career TDs in 43 games. He was supposed to have TD upside as a jump ball threat. Parker has not done better 57 receptions,744 receiving yards and 4 TDs in a season. The former 2015 first rounder (14th overall) remains an annual breakout candidate with the departure of Landry. I am not buying Parker until I see back-to-back seasons of solid production. A WR1 he is not.

What kind of heroics does Stills have in store for 2018?

Mister Vertical Splash himself Kenny Stills, is as inconsistent and exciting as they come. While Stills has never had over 63 receptions in any one season he still has 26 career TDs in 57 games. He has also never eclipsed 931 yards receiving in a season but he does have impressive career YPC of 16.1. Stills just turned 26 in April. His upside for 2018 is certainly greater with Landry gone.

Can Amendola cruise to big numbers?

Danny Amendola is seemingly a model NFL citizen. His hustle is reportedly already contagious amongst his Dolphins teammates. The longevity of his professional career is not a coincidence as he has had to fight for most of the snaps he has received. He is a true journeyman who rose up and paid his practice squad dues. It may seem feasible that Amendola could play the Landry role. However, he has not handled more than 86 targets in a season since 2012. He also an injury prone soon to be 33 year old. Amendola has never surpassed 689 receiving yards or scored more 4 TDs in a single season.

Jakeem the dream?

The mysticism that gleams off of Jakeem Grant’s name comes from the rumors that he ran 4.10 40-time at his pro day (circa 2016). The truth of that matter has never substantiated but it does not hinder the truth, Grant is fast, very fast. What is also true is that Grant is small, very small. I will generously say he is 5-foot-7 and 170 pounds. He has just 13 career receptions in 32 games of NFL action. I would be more interested in Grant had Miami not brought in Amendola and Wilson.

Wilson can be a slingshotting menace in the slot.

Albert Wilson is a former UDFA who started 26 of 55 games during his years in Kansas City. He is just 5-foot-9 but he carries a thick and muscular 200 pounds on his frame. He is an intermediate route ace. Wilson has 124 receptions on 198 career targets. Other than in his rookie season, Wilson’s catch percentage has been over 60% per season. That rookie season his catch percentage was still 57.1% and his YPC was 16.3.

Both of those numbers tell us KC did not use him correctly. As his YPC dropped his penchant for big plays increased along with his efficiency and reception total. Coincidentally on a much larger scale, Landry’s career/numbers followed the same path. This new marriage between Wilson and Miami could be the perfect storm in Landry’s absence. I am not saying Wilson can fully replace Landry. However, I am the most optimistic about his chances.

Carroo is running out of chances.

Leonte Carroo entered the NFL with a dedicated and aggressive following from some of dynasty’s sharpest minds. Yours truly was even very bullish on him as a late first round rookie draft talent. Two years and 10 minuscule receptions (in 28 games) we are all left to wonder what exactly the problem is with Carroo. Is it really just the front heavy depth chart? The acquisitions of five pass catchers may tell us all we need to know about Miami’s faith Carroo.

When writing rookie profiles you generally come across information that is seemingly not worth talking about. However, I always feel the need to remind folks Isaiah Ford averaged 37 points a game on the basketball court as a senior in high school. Why was this important when predicting his NFL potential? Well, it certainly showcases some decent ball skills and athletic ability. That is also a ridiculous amount of points for high school player.

Unfortunately besides Ford logging 154/2,258/18 during his final two campaigns at Virginia Tech there is not much football news to report. Miami grabbed him in the seventh round (237th overall) of the 2017 draft. His descent to day three was likely due to his 4.61 40-time at the combine. He missed his entire rookie season after having what considered minor/reparative meniscus surgery on 8/2/2017. Ford remains a longshot to make the team.

Miami also drafted two TEs (Mike Gesicki & Durham Smythe) as well as receiving back Kalen Ballage. Basically, the target share is still very murky. I do not think it is possible for one player alone to replace what Jarvis Landry gave this offense. –Depth Charting by Joshua Johnson


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