(Way Too Early) 2017 Defensive Rookie of the Year Candidates










Too early to start thinking about who will win the Defensive ROY? Nope, not at all. It’s never too early, especially considering the level of talent below.

  • Jamal Adams: When the New York football Jets came on the clock with their 6th overall pick, Mike Maccagnan, the team’s GM, must have been stunned. With their top prospect still available, the chance to build the Jets defense now had a major foundation block in place. The leader of this team’s secondary, and perhaps their defense, is a rookie safety. Playing with toughness and a mean streak I’m looking for a big season from this rookie. The Jets did not use the option on Calvin Pryor for the 2018 season, which should leave him out of the picture. The door is open and Jamal Adams will be on the field.

  • Jarrad Davis:
  • The Lions wanted a do it all linebacker. This team has been dealing with injuries and a lack of talent long enough. Manning the middle of the Lions defense Jarred Davis is going to have plenty of opportunities to make plays. By taking advantage of his blazing speed, he will have no trouble getting from sideline to sideline,  racking up tackles. With his agility, I can see him getting after the QB, which will also add to his fantasy appeal.



  • Zach Cunningham:One of the best LBs entering this 2017 draft class. His skills will be on display on one of the best defenses in the NFL. With JJ Watt helping this rookie out, the learning curve will be expedited. Tackles will come from dropping into coverage, and in run support. Opposing ball carriers will not be able to run away from this kid. I expect Zach Cunningham to be an all-pro player for the Texans. Replacing the veteran Brian Cushing would be my expectation. Adding his agility, speed, and playmaking to this team will improve this defense to even greater heights. In college he was often the guy who needed to make all the plays, in Houston, he will be surrounded with a stud cast of players to allow him to play in his role, and dominate.



  • Myles Garrett:
  • The NFL’s overall #1 pick. Those tricky Browns tried to make us all think they were considering other options with this pick. The anchor on their defensive line will now stabilize this front for the next decade. I’m looking for close to double-digit sacks in his first season. If you play in a big play scoring format, this will be helpful. DE scoring can fluctuate in IDP leagues. The best pass rusher in the draft will look to pile up the stats, but entering the NFL always takes a little time to adjust. Big things will come from Myles Garrett.

These four should be battling for the honor of defensive rookie of the year. Let me know who you think will be the IDP rookie of the year.

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