DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M Aggies

A Journey of Myles

MG graduated high school from James Martin, in Arlington Texas. In his senior year he was an All-State player. In fact, from the moment he stepped on the field he was a top shelf talent. When you watch him bench press 485 lbs. you can’t help but think the guy could play superman and toss cars and tanks off a road. Bottom line…MG is built to play football. Looking back at his skills in high school you can see he was special.

MG has the kind of special talent that shows up quickly when watching him on film. In his 2015 campaign MG racked up a stellar 59 tackles and 19.5 were for a loss which led the way in the SEC last season (those tackles for a loss is a BIG stat). That’s getting penetration and that’s BIG production he can provide in both real life and fantasy football.

Microscoping his Skill Set

As an edge rusher he is explosive. Watch as he flies past the Tackle – video courtesy of – to make an impact play. That’s the speed I’m talking about. That’s getting off the ball in a hurry guys. His speed is jaw dropping quick. Once he gets around the edge he can also turn it up and close…fast. Playing wide he is able to just cut loose and fly. However, when you jump off the ball like he does and turn the corner with some added turbo you’re going to get the QB.
Furthermore, from the edge he quickly gets on the tackle and using his hands as he leans in to separate. Quick feet and the ability to turn the corner are traits I really get excited about when watching ends and MG has both. If MG was in Madden you would have a spin move available that would set up with that speed to win at getting inside. Additionally, He can even tip and get an INT when he uses turbo to get into the QB’s face.
Another thing I like to see is the ability to get out into the flat to play the screen game. This play will demonstrate his ability to go get it. Amazing speed. What I would like to see this year is a more refinded rush since speed and a spin move will only take him so far.

Guards fear Garrett

I would as a QB as well. After all, with his strength and speed he is able to blow up or move around them quickly. In fact, when facing double teams regularly his stats are even more impressive. One on one he cannot be slowed down. Ultimately, his talent is so great he needs to be accounted for on every play. I do like his leverage, but he could use some work on mastering his hand technique. At the end of the day, speed is great, but with his hands developing more and combining that with his strength he could be special.
Although a simple bull rush is also highly effective for him it’s his speed his what separates him. When you’re capable of overpowering someone and then you add the turbo you have someone who can terrorize opposing linemen. Watching him get off the block and often making the hit shows me he can control a game. At the 3:27 point MG is over the guard and will bolt off the block and make a tackle for a loss.

One Dimensional?

MG is NOT a one dimensional player. Playing the run [look at the 2:32 point] – video courtesy of – he shows himself dominate as well. When you’re attacking the way he does you’re making the tackles and getting pressure. Additionally, reading what’s going on in front of him is another skill that’s impressive. Figuring out where the play will go happens often. Ultimately, MG can get off a block and make a play using his full skill set.

Devy Value

Looking ahead to the NFL I see MG as a three down player. A player able to play the run and get to the QB. In fact, an extension of his individual dominance, he will make any defense better. Another important mention is that he has great character. NFL teams will not have to worry about off the field troubles. When it’s all said and done, I believe MG has the chance to be taken at the top of the NFL draft. A rare freak of talent that will blow away any Clowney comparisons. Therefore, with untapped potential to this point of his college career we have yet to see his true ceiling.
In my Devy leagues I would target MG early. You’ll thank me for it. Big play scoring would be a bonus but even in tackle friendly scoring he will shine. No matter where his landing spot at the next level I am taking this stud in the making.
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