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I’ve got a Dynasty Startup Auction beginning in early January, so I put together Dynasty #IDP tiers for each position except CB, because, c’mon… Hopefully, nobody from the Shark Tank reads this.

* = designates soon-to-be UFA

Word of Warning: I’m not a ranker. I’m the Snap Count guy. You should probably just ignore these tiers. Also, I have a strict rule on my fantasy teams that I won’t roster players that have backgrounds of Domestic Violence. I didn’t even include Reuben Foster, because no one should roster Foster. Frank Clark and others are on here solely as I would rank them breaking my rule. This is solely so I can throw them out early in the auction, with no intention of winning them, just to get some money off the board.

4-3 Studs       

Bosa, Joey LAC

Hunter, Danielle MIN

Garrett, Myles CLE

I split up 4-3 Studs from 3-4 Studs because in general, 4-3 DEs play more snaps than 3-4 DEs. A typical 4-3 DE can play up to 80% of snaps while most 3-4 DEs top out at 60% of snaps. Also, there are different things to keep in mind for each position. 4-3 DEs could potentially be reclassified as LBs if their defense gets a scheme change to a 3-4. 3-4 DEs, on the other hand, could be reclassified as DTs if their defensive scheme goes the other way.

3-4 Studs       

Donald, Aaron LAR

Jones, Chris KCC

I’m like 85% sure that Donald is not human. Ignore what I mentioned about 3-4 DE snaps when it comes to Donald. Donald regularly played 90%+ of snaps. It’s amazing that Jones is even in the same tier as Donald as he only regularly plays 65% of snaps.

Fine Wine       

Watt, J.J. HOU

Jordan, Cameron NOS   

Campbell, Calais JAC   

Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB

Dunlap, Carlos CIN

These guys are older, but they still produce like studs. JPP surprised me hitting double-digit sacks after surviving solely on volume in 2017.


Lawrence, Demarcus DAL*

Jones, Chandler ARI

Clark, Frank SEA*  

Hicks, Akiem CHI

Lawrence’s numbers were down slightly from his career year last season, but he’s still very productive. Hicks gets a special mention as an IDL. Clark and Lawrence both have some risk attached to them as they could sign with 3-4 teams.

Old Faithful       

Casey, Jurrell TEN  

Sheard, Jabaal IND

Ingram, Melvin LAC   

Bennett, Michael PHI    

Heyward, Cameron PIT    

Hughes, Jerry BUF

Griffen, Everson MIN    

These are the guys who you don’t mind picking up your girlfriend from the airport because they’re so trustworthy. They don’t really put up huge weeks anymore, but they’re not going to leave you with a goose egg.

Clouds on the Horizon       

Flowers, Trey NEP*   

Anderson, Henry NYJ*

Gregory, Randy DAL

There are concerns with each of these guys. Flowers may not be in New England next season. Flowers has never hit double-digit sacks. Anderson ended with 7.0 sacks this season in his first, and potentially the only season in the Big Apple. Three of those sacks came in Week 15. He’s one of those guys who’s season stats look much better than his weekly stats. That can often be lost during fantasy drafts. If you’re not at least a little worried about Gregory, you haven’t been paying attention.


Barnett, Derek PHI     

Nassib, Carl TBB

Ogbah, Emmanuel CLE    

This is a bit of a make-or-break year for Barnett. After missing most of his sophomore season, Barnett needs to break out in his third season. With Graham potentially elsewhere next year and Chris Long possibly retiring, Barnett could see more snaps as the rotation becomes more concentrated. Nassib had a great season replacing Vinny Curry. Ogbah is solid.

3-4 DEs       

Allen, Jonathan WAS

Tuitt, Stephon PIT

Hill, B.J. NYG

Williams, Leonard NYJ   

Ioannidis, Matt WAS

Bailey, Allen KCC*

Again, 3-4 DEs don’t play as many snaps as 4-3 DEs. These guys are all solid, bye-week/injury fill-ins. Hill started to producing with the increased snap share after the Snacks’ trade. Tuitt gets injured every year. Williams has had two consecutive down seasons.

Sack or Bust       

Ngakoue, Yannick JAC

Lawson, Shaq BUF  

Beasley, Vic ATL  

McKinley, Takkarist ATL   

These are #IDP equivalent of a TE who scores a TD or gets you absolutely nothing. Ngakoue just missed double-digit sacks after hitting 12.0 sacks in 2017.

Old Unfaithful

Addison, Mario CAR   

Quinn, Robert MIA   

Mayowa, Benson ARI*  

Wake, Cameron MIA*

Murphy, Trent BUF

The opposite of the Old Faithful tier, these guys are all older and are untrustworthy. These are the guys who borrow $20 from you, and you know you’re absolutely not getting it back…

A Rose by Any Other Name       

Ansah, Ezekiel DET*

Graham, Brandon PHI*

Armstead, Arik SFO

Thomas, Solomon SFO  

Wilkerson, Muhammad GBP*

This tier gets by on name value alone. Ansah usually has one or two big games which inflate his stats. San Francisco is just bad at drafting DEs. They should just draft more DTs because that works out for them. Wilkerson’s name is still living off a pair of double-digit sack season.

Whipper Snappers       

Hubbard, Sam CIN

Willis, Jordan CIN

Lewis, Tyquan IND

Davenport, Marcus NOS

Tomlinson, Dalvin NYG   

Turay, Kemoko IND  

Key, Arden OAK

Bryan, Taven JAX

These rookies and sophomores are the best chances for breakouts next season. Tomlinson may move to NT with Snacks in the Motor City. Hubbard had the best season among the rookies. Everything is up in the air in Cincy at the moment with HC Marvin Lewis on the outs. It’s really hard to get worse than the guy who uses Michael Johnson as a security blanket ahead of Hubbard and Willis. Willis came up a tier with Lewis’ firing. I don’t trust Key, primarily because at the moment, I don’t trust anyone from the Raiders. Lewis finished the season strong after missing the first half of the season. Lewis plays inside and outside while Turay is focused as a pass-rusher.

US Air Force       

Blair, Ronald SFO   

Brockers, Michael LAR

Lawson, Carl CIN   

Shepherd, Nathan NYJ

Green, Rasheem SEA   

Taylor, Jullian SFO   

Smoot, Dawuane JAX

Sweat, Josh PHI

These are your deep fliers. Blair is productive but has serious depth chart issues. Brockers could bounce back to last year’s stats if Suh moves on this offseason freeing up the snap share Brockers got last season. Shepherd hasn’t shown much this season, but he was drafted by D-II Fort Hays State. He needed a year. With Anderson potentially headed out of town, Shepherd shouldn’t come off the field on passing downs. Green showed well in the preseason but didn’t do much during the season. The entire Seattle DE depth chart is in flux with everyone else becoming UFAs. Lawson’s ceiling is likely as a Sack-or-Bust DE.

No Thank Yous       

Marsh, Cassius SFO   

Golden, Markus ARI    

Gotsis, Adam DEN   

Harris, Shelby DEN

Long, Chris PHI

Wolfe, Derek DEN   

Lowry, Dean GBP

Okafor, Alex NOS*

Rochell, Isaac LAC

Weatherly, Stephen MIN   

Wynn, Kerry NYG*    

Irvin, Bruce ATL*

Fowler, Dante LAR  

Peppers, Julius CAR*

Wise, Deatrich NEP   

Curry, Vinny TBB    

Charlton, Taco DAL   

Johnson, Michael CIN*  

Nichols, Bilal CHI  

Mauro, Josh NYG*

Jordan, Dion SEA*

Covington, Christian HOU   

Obada, Efe CAR   

Williams, Brandon BAL

Rucker, Frostee OAK   

Branch, Andre MIA    

Daniels, Mike GBP  

Robertson-Harris, Roy CHI  

Simon, John NEP

Jones, DaQuan TEN   

Muhammad, Al-Quadin IND    

Yarbrough, Eddie BUF  

Kerr, Zach DEN*

Smith, Chris CLE DE   

Blackson, Angelo HOU   

Clayborn, Adrian NEP  

Brown, Fadol GBP     

Wormley, Chris BAL     

Harris, Charles MIA  

Horton, Wes CAR*  

Edwards, Mario NYG*

Urban, Brent BAL   

Moore, Zach ARI    

Reed, Brooks ATL

Bullard, Jonathan CHI

Lots of Meh here. Bullard is so disappointing after he was considered a steal in the draft. Obada is worth the quickest of mentions as Addison is the only DE under contract next year in Carolina. Wise has been a popular DE, but New England just doesn’t give him the snaps necessary to be productive. That could potentially change if Flowers signs elsewhere. Wolfe has fallen off the last two seasons. If Fowler stays in LA, he’s headed for LB-classification. Golden is a long way from his 12.5 sack sophomore season… Harris and Charlton could both still break out as former 1st Rounders, but I want to see it before I spend too much draft capital.

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Watch for the LB Tiers, and S Tiers as they come out. Follow me on the Twitter Machine at @ben_glaser. Dynasty Football Factory will be providing you with all the IDP content you need this offseason. Check back here often.


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