Countdown to College Football: #15

Believe it or not, we are only 15 days away from kicking off the 2017 College Football season. It’s time to start making plans for that opening weekend watch party. We are in the final stretch, but as we get closer to August 26th, the days are starting to drag by. We might as well do something to pass the time so let’s continue our look at our consensus Top 25 Devy prospects with our 15th ranked player, my favorite quarterback, my favorite college player – Josh Rosen


Name: Josh Rosen
School: UCLA
Position: QB
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 218 lbs
Class: Junior


Overall: 15
Positional: 1
2018 Class: 12

Josh Rosen makes people feel all sorts of feelings. Some people like him no matter what. Some see his talent and like him for that. Some get scared off because he’s not afraid to speak what’s on his mind. Others get scared off because they don’t think he loves the game of football. I believe these fears along with recency bias have painted Rosen incorrectly. Rosen’s disappointing 2016 season caused people to forget how incredible he was as a freshman. In 2016, he played behind a terrible offensive line while throwing to an underwhelming set of receivers. (When did UCLA stop recruiting well? Have they ever recruited well?) It became obvious halfway through the first game that there was absolutely no way he was going to finish the 2016 season healthy. If you are one of those who has forgotten just how special Josh Rosen is, you have two options: 1) Wait a few weeks to see a healthy, rested, refocused Rosen take the field or 2) check out the highlights below.

This Bleacher Report interview with Josh Rosen is fantastic. It’s worth your time.

For more on Rosen’s on-the-field abilities, be sure to check out Devy Watch.

A Throw That A Freshman Shouldn’t Be Able To Make

Freshman Rosen vs Stanford




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