Change of Scenery: Frank Clark moves to Kansas City

With the draft mere days away, teams are looking at every option available to them. Some are smoke screens, some are just throwing something at the wall and seeing if it sticks, and some just are making necessary financial moves. Seattle is the latter in this instance. After dropping the ball and getting absolutely nothing in return for Earl Thomas, they knew they had to do something when Frank Clark, who they had franchised tagged, threatened to holdout. They tried to work out a new contract, but Clark was out of their price range, so they began to entertain the idea of trading him. The question was, what would they want and could they get in return for their star pass rusher? Just a few days ago, Seattle let it out that they were still considering trading Clark.

With the news out, teams began to check in and see what it would take to acquire him. The list consisted of teams such as Buffalo, Indianapolis, New York Jets, and Kansas City. With teams beginning to line up, the question turned to how much would they have to pay? Seattle was quick to say that any trade involving Clark would have to include a first round pick in return. On Monday, they tried to get the Jets to give them the third overall pick in a deal for him, but New York wasn’t willing to part with it. Seattle was smart to wait, albeit a short wait, for someone to offer them a deal they felt comfortable with. Before we get to who that was, let’s look at what Seattle would be losing.

During his four seasons in Seattle, Clark developed into one of the league’s best pass rushers. After tallying only three sacks in his rookie season, he would record 32 in the next 47 games he played over the next three seasons, reaching a personal best of 13 last season. Not only did he set a personal best record in sacks, but he would also reach career best in forced fumble, recovered fumbles, and interceptions. And with such a good year came the franchise tag. The Seahawks hoped that would satisfy Clark and buy them enough time to get a long-term deal done. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and it didn’t. So now we look at who came calling with the right haul.

The lucky winner in the Frank Clark sweepstakes would be none other than the Kansas City Chiefs. They would offer up their first round pick (29th overall), a 2020 second round pick, and the teams would also swap third-round picks this year. This deal would also result in Clark getting a five year, $105.5 million contract that he wanted all along. The deal makes a lot of sense for Kansas City as they are transitioning from a 3-4 scheme to a 4-3. They already cut Justin Houston and then traded Dee Ford to the San Francisco, due to those players not fitting the change. So the Chiefs felt that making this trade would be better than anyone they could draft with the 29th pick and have a much quicker impact all the while filing a need. He will make the move from the NFC West to the AFC West where he’ll hunt down the likes of Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, and Phillip Rivers. He gives the Chiefs an elite pass rusher with the experience of having played in a 4-3 scheme. With a high powered offense in place and just coming up short last year, they want to upgrade the defense and make another run this year. For them, they are hoping it ends with a Championship.

In terms of fantasy, expect more of the same for Clark. He is a must own in all IDP formats and carries an increased value in sack-heavy scoring leagues. I currently keep a grade of DE1 on Clark and expect him to give fantasy owners premium production at the position. In any trades for Clark, I don’t see much of a change in his value, unless you are trading with a Chiefs fan who may be willing to overpay or will ask a high asking price for him. I believe he is definitely worth acquiring as long as the price is right!

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