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Chad Geter is a very accomplished linebacker from Gardner-Webb, now that his accolade-filled college career is over, he is preparing for his shot in the National Football League. Here I interview Mr. Geter, about his high school and college career, where he is going from here, and about his personally as a player. I think you’ll feel like you can’t help but root for the hard worker that Mr. Geter is

Chad Geter has since earned a minicamp tryout with the San Francisco 49ers. You can read more about that here.


You can follow Mr. Geter on Twitter @ChadGeter_38

You’re from Irmo South Carolina and played your high school football at Dutch Fork High School, you flat out dominated. During your senior season, on offense you put up over 500 all-purpose yards, as a defender and you were named a Class 4A all-state selection, and played in the South Carolina All Star Game at the linebacker position. Overall, what was your high school football experience like, and particularly your senior year?

  • It was really good, at the beginning of that Senior year coach came up to me at camp and asked me about helping out a little on offense, and I told him that “I would help out in any way that I could”. I first started playing offense in a couple of scrimmages, and he saw my potential, and that’s how I earned my spot on the offensive side of the ball. I had always been playing defense, and I had started my Junior year, so I felt really good going into Senior year. All of that led to that year being a successful year.

Coming out of Dutch Fork you were being recruited by the likes of Stanford and Toledo, can you take us through your recruiting process and how you ended up choosing Gardner-Webb?

  • I really only had two “full scholarship” offers and they were from Gardner-Webb and South Carolina State, and some of the other schools were offering me preferred walk-on status. Once I got to Gardner-Webb I knew that it was the school for me because I felt like I could reach my full potential there. I loved the campus and the coaches, and everything that the school had to offer.

You played in 11 games as a true freshman at GWU, and led the team in pass breakups with 5, how was the transition from high school to playing as a true freshman?

  • It was pretty crazy; I had to quickly get used to the different speed and size. In high school I was one of the fastest and biggest out there, but coming in as a true freshman at linebacker, I was actually one of the smallest out there. I had to hit the weight room, and overcompensate my size with a lot of film study.

As a Sophomore you really seemed to pick up your game, were named second team all-Big South and even had one week where you were on an FCS Weekly All-Star, what helped you in your sophomore year to really start playing well?

  • Even though I played a lot as a freshman I was far from satisfied; I didn’t like my stats, and how our team did. We had a new coaching staff that came in, and we went from a 4-3 to a 3-4. With the shift of defense I moved down to 3-4 OLB. I hit the weight room really hard that summer, and spent a lot of time with the coaches studying film learning the new defense. Once I got the defense down, I was ready to go; it was like second nature to me.

Your Junior year started off really well, but after three games you have a season-ending injury, how did you deal with missing nearly a whole season?

  • It was rough. I started off well that year, and one bad move and all of a sudden I had to sit out for the rest of the year. It had me pretty down; I wasn’t the same person. But I realized that my team still needs me, and that I am still a part of this team, and I just needed to help out in any way that I could, such as helping coach some of the guys that would be taking over for me that year.

In your final year at Gardner-Webb, you received many accolades, including preseason FCS All-American, and Preseason Big South Defensive Player of the Year. You were named to the Senior Bowl watch list (one of 34 FCS prospects), and were an AP FCS All-American, what was your senior year like, and how does it feel to get those accolades?

  • It felt really great, there was one day after practice, I looked at my phone, and someone had told me that I had made the Senior Bowl watch list, and I couldn’t believe it. But I still wasn’t satisfied, being on that list doesn’t mean anything for the season coming up. I tried to use it as motivation; it’s just something to push you to work harder, and to put your name out there even more.

You played at the 3-4 OLB spot at GWU, going forward do you feel like you fit best there?

  • Like you said I played 3-4 at Gardner-Webb, but when I went the college gridiron showcase, and I actually played inside in a 4-3 scheme there. I love playing at both, and feel that I would be successful at both. I love watching film, and I stay to my playbook. If I had to transition back to a 4-3, I don’t think it would be a problem.

And as a Linebacker/Edge Rusher, what is the greatest strength of your game?

  • My greatest strength is my lateral quickness. Everybody asks me how I got so quick, and I always say it’s because I’ve been playing basketball since I was 3, on defense in basketball lateral quickness is key. That really helps me a lot on the field, going side to side making tackles. At any the spots I could end up playing, my lateral quickness will be very important.

From this point, what are you hoping to make of your career?

  • I just want a shot at the NFL, that’s really all I can ask for right now. I just want one team to give me that opportunity, and I will make the best of it.

Nominated in 2015 to the Allstate “Good Works team,” how does it feel getting that type of recognition?

  • I love giving back to the community. That year I did all I could helping out the schools around here, I went and read to the kids, me and the team we helped put in new desks. I remember me and my teammates being there for hours just cutting holes in tennis balls so the chairs wouldn’t scratch the floor. I used to go to the boys and girls club, and play basketball with them. I love kids, and I love giving back.

Can you take us through what you have done since your senior season in preparation for that shot in the NFL?

  • So once I finished my career at Gardner-Webb, like I said I played in the college gridiron showcase, and then I got an agent (Brandon Taylor). We sat down and made a game plan, we made a 6-week workout plan, and now I’ve been waking up at 5:30 every day and working out with the team, trying to staying in shape. It would feel like a waste of a good college career to get an opportunity with a team and come in unprepared.

Through your whole football career, what’s one life lesson you have learned that you will always carry with you?

  • This might sound kind of harsh, but one life lesson I have learned is to never listen to what others say about you negatively, people will try to knock you down anyway they can. The only people that know what you are capable of are you and God; you can do anything you put your mind to. So overall, I have learned to not let others knock you down.

What do you want people to know about Chad Geter / is there anything else you want to say?

  • I just want people to know if I get a shot, I’m gonna give it my all. I’m gonna do the best I can, I’m gonna put in all my time and effort to do what I have to do in order to be successful, and make the team successful. Even if I don’t get a shot at the NFL, with whatever job I get I’m gonna give it everything I got. I’m a hard worker.


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