Buy, Sell, Hold: New York Jets

Trying to forecast the dynasty stock market can be a daunting process. We have to account for what seems to be limitless variables. Coaching changes, draft picks, age, and even contracts all factor into whether we should buy, hold, or sell a player.


In my opinion, no quote could ever better encapsulate the meaning of “Buying Low and Selling High” than the one posted above. Whereas Vondas was referring to something else entirely, this quote always comes to mind when pondering the trade market. Below I will analyze the buys, sells, holds from the New York Jets. But I would like to make one point clear before we dive into those players. Each league and team construction will greatly determine if a player is a buy, sell, or hold. I hope this list will help you in your quest to dynasty dominance, enjoy.


Jordan Leggett, TE

Leggett was selected in the 5th round by the Jets out of Clemson in this year’s draft. In case you hadn’t noticed the Jets are probably going to be pretty awful and trailing early and often this season. Leggett is a talented tight end but was overshadowed by many of his peers this year in one of the deepest, most talented tight end classes of all time. Here’s the thing, he only has to compete with Austin Seferian-Jenkins for the starting job. So odds are Leggett is the day one starter on a team with limited talent at receiver that will be throwing the ball a ton. His rookie ADP has him as a late 4th round pick, and he has a clearer path to fantasy points than most of the players going ahead of him.

Elijah McGuire, RB

I was higher on McGuire than most heading into the off-season, but less than stellar numbers at the scouting combine bumped him down a few notches. However, his landing spot has me intrigued once again. He has a similar skill set as Matt Forte, not that I’m comparing them at all, but Forte is the perfect player for McGuire to learn from for a year or two. He’s currently being taken in the late 3rd round of rookie drafts. McGuire will probably not return much value for another year or two behind Forte and Bilal Powell. However, there’s a real chance that he may be the starter for this rebuilding team in 2019 and beyond as both Forte & Powell’s contracts expire after next season.

Charone Peake & Quincy Enunwa, WR

The Jets just cut Eric Decker, and that leaves Peake & Enunwa as the team’s top 2 receiving options. Nothing in-depth, or sexy about this analysis. The Jets need to throw the ball to somebody, and these are the main somebodies. Peake is especially cheap to obtain and according to is athletically comparable to Michael Floyd, Marques Colston, Corey Davis and Justin Blackmon. Sometimes a guy just needs an opportunity; this might be it for him. Enunwa has flashed a bit when he has been on the field, but now as the team’s #1 option, we’ll see how he fairs against top corners. He should still see the bulk of targets on this team, and that should translate into fantasy points.


Bilal Powell, RB

There are Bilal Powell believers out there, no really, I’ve seen them. He’s a solid, unspectacular back and can contribute every once in awhile. He’s probably better suited for best ball format than dynasty leagues as he’ll be turning 29 in October. Let the Bilal believers pay for him, recent trade packages involving him have gotten Brandin Cooks and Allen Robinson in return. Straight up he has even been traded for rookie 1st round picks. I hope you’re as lucky as those owners.

Bryce Petty & Christian Hackenberg, QB

I’ll keep this short. They’re both, uh, not good. The Jets will likely unless an act of God, have an early draft pick next year. And they will probably be selecting one of the highly touted rookie quarterbacks in next year’s draft. If you can convince another owner to trade for one of these guys, you deserve a job as a hostage negotiator with the FBI. They both have a few fans out there who believe in them, so dangle them out there and see if you can get nibble… it’s never too early to start stockpiling 2037 5th round picks, right?


Josh McCown, QB

McCown will be 38 when the season begins, and you’ll have a tough time getting anything of worth for him in any trades. If he’s already on your roster, you might as well keep him there. To be honest, McCown’s not an awful option as your second quarterback in 2 QB or superflex leagues. As previously mentioned, the Jets will be pretty bad this year, and that should result in a lot of volume and garbage time stats for the 2002 3rd round pick. The primary concern with him is when the Jets decide to give up on the season and install either Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty into the starting role to see what they can do. At that point, he’s an easy cut from your roster when you’re looking to add guys from the waiver wire.

Matt Forte, RB

Forte is entering the twilight of his career, and other owners know it, so no one is going to give you fair return for him. Even on a bad team, he represents a decent value in PPR leagues as he’ll still be part of the game plan as a receiving threat when the Jets are down 35 every week. Obviously, if a reasonable deal comes along, take it, but odds are those offers aren’t coming in on the 31-year-old running back. As such, he’s worth more on your roster playing out his final two years under contract. Especially if you’re in win now mode, he’s a should be a solid contributor for your team this year.




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