Nick Chubb, Running Back
2nd Pick, 2nd Round, Cleveland Browns

Chubb was teetering on the verge of overtaking Barkley as my RB1 in this class. In redraft leagues, I don’t like this for 2018 as Chubb will most likely be behind Carlos Hyde on early downs and Duke Johnson on passing downs. But, I believe that as he learns behind them and gets his feet under him as the season progresses, he should be handed the lion’s share of work in 2019 and going forward, and I love him long term. One of the BEST possible landing spots for dynasty leagues.

Ronald Jones, Running Back
6th Pick, 2nd Round, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lots of people I respect loved Ronald Jones. I did not, and still don’t. My personal feelings aside, it’s impossible to argue with this as one of the premier landing spots for a running back in this draft. One of the BEST possible spots in the entire draft. (I’m still not a fan).

Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver
10th Pick, 2nd Round, Denver Broncos

Sutton is raw but has all the upside in the world. He’s going to need time to sit and learn behind DT & Sanders in Denver which should help him, but in 2 years when he’s ready to play, Case Keenum’s contract will be up. So he’ll be blocked early by two solid receivers and already has QB questions going forward when he finally is ready, I’ve got to think this is one of the WORST landing spots for him.

Mike Gesicki, Tight End
10th Pick, 2nd Round, Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins had the absolute worst depth chart in the NFL at tight end. Gesicki is an extremely athletic player and a plus receiver. His blocking is not very good, but I can’t imagine he’ll be asked to do much blocking early in his career. He’s a day one starter at the position and should be an immediate red zone weapon. He should also see a bulk of the short yardage targets vacated by the departure of Jarvis Landry. One of the BEST landing spots for any Tight End.

Kerryon Johnson, Running Back
11th Pick, 2nd Round, Detroit Lions

I should just copy and paste what I wrote about Ronald Jones above. Others like him, I don’t, one of the BEST landing spots for a running back, blah, blah, blah. I’m not a fan.

Dante Pettis, Wide Receiver
12th Pick, 2nd Round, San Francisco 49ers

He went a little earlier than I would have thought. I suppose you have to assume this is one of the BEST landing spots for a wide receiver by virtue of landing in a Kyle Shanahan offensive system. They’re trying to get weapons and protection for Jimmy G, and you’d have to imagine they have plans for him taking him this early.

Christian Kirk, Wide Receiver
15th Pick, 2nd Round, Arizona Cardinals

Giving Josh Rosen a weapon he can learn and grow with is very smart. With only JJ Nelson and Chad Williams between Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald on the depth chart, there is no reason Kirk can’t make an impact this year and should be a solid option for years to come. I love the pick and think it’s one of the BEST landing spots for him for dynasty.

Dallas Goedert, Tight End
17th Pick, 2nd, Philadelphia Eagles Round

A bit of a head-scratcher. Yes, the Eagles lost Trey Burton this off-season, but using a mid-second round pick at a position where you already have one of the top-3 players at the position, seems unnecessary. Seemed like a high price to pay just to troll your division rivals poised to take Goedert with the next pick. It’s got to be one of the WORST landing spots of the early part of day 2.

Anthony Miller, Wide Receiver
19th Pick, 2nd Round, Chicago Bears

The Bears are surrounding Mitch Trubisky with weapons. With the addition of Allen Robinson Trey Burton, and Taylor Gabriel Miller adds even more talent to the Bears. He’s arguably their #2 wide receiver already. Assuming Trubisky develops and turns into the player the Bears hope he can be as the 2nd overall pick last year; the sky’s the limit here for Miller as he lands in one of the BEST possible spots in an apparently up and coming offense.

Derrius Guice, Running Back
27th Pick, 2nd Round, Washington Redskins

I don’t know what to think. The ‘skins want a big, powerful running back, yet they have Samaje Perine in-house and Rob Kelley. It kind of feels like more of the same here. Looking at draft capital, Guice is the front-runner here, so I suppose it’s one of the BEST spots for him. But he’ll be a pure two-down contributor here with Chris Thompson filling the role on 3rd downs as one of the best receiving backs in football.

James Washington, Wide Receiver
28th Pick, 2nd Round, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a knack for drafting and developing talented wide receivers. With the trade of Martavis Bryant, Washington should be slotted in behind Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster. Because he’s already buried behind two talented receivers and Big Ben’s retirement is imminent, it’s hard to think of this as anything except one of the WORST landing spots for him.
(edited note: The Steelers later took Mason Rudolph as the heir to the throne in Pittsburgh, so I like the pick a little more)

DJ Chark, Wide Receiver
29th Pick, 2nd Round, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags lost Allen Robinson to free agency and brought in Donte Moncrief. They have a large group of talented receivers, and that group will be whittled down throughout the remainder f the off-season. Chark, however, is the only true burner among the group and should carve out a specific deep-threat role from day one. If you keep your expectations low and can handle the boom-bust games, this can be one of the BEST landing spots for him. He’ll be an asset in best ball leagues, and I imagine he’ll have a Kenny still-esque career.

Royce Freeman, Running Back
7th pick, 3rd Round, Denver Broncos

I really liked Freeman coming out of college. Denver moved on from CJ Anderson and had been talking up Devontae Booker for two years, but apparently, they either have questions about Booker’s durability or talent because Freeman is a threat to be the leading rusher here at season’s end. One of the BEST landing spots of the day.

Mason Rudolph, Quarterback
12th Pick, 3rd Round, Pittsburgh Steelers

Rudolph has been linked to the Steelers for a while now, so this was not surprising at all. He’ll sit behind Big Ben for a year or two, so he’s worthless in the short term. The Steelers liked him all along, and this is one of the BEST landing spots for dynasty purposes for him.

Michael Gallup, Wide Receiver
17th Pick, 3rd Round, Dallas Cowboys

Look at their depth chart after the departure of Dez Bryant, yuck. The cupboard is barren. I think they missed out on their earlier targets and Gallup is a fine consolation prize. I don’t really know how his skill set fits here, but just by virtue of opportunity, this is one of the BEST landing spots for any receiver.

Mark Andrews, Tight End
22nd Pick, 3rd Round, Baltimore Ravens

Oof. Two tight ends in the same draft, great idea. You can see what I wrote about the Hurst pick here. I actually think Andrews may be a better option for fantasy going forward, but I hated the landing spot for Hurst, and it’s still one of the WORST for Andrews too- plus Andrews has to compete with Hurst now. No thank you.

Tre’Quan Smith, Wide Receiver
27th Pick, 3rd Round, New Orleans Saints

He’s alright. The Saints build some depth behind Michael Thomas and the newly acquired Cam Meredith. There are worse things than landing in a Sean Payton offense with Drew Brees throwing you the football. It’s nothing special, but if Meredith has lost a step, he could present a sneaky value in the Big Easy and might be one of the BEST landing spots.

Jordan Akins, Tight End
34th Pick, 3rd Round, Houston Texans

The Texans currently have 7 tight ends on their roster, but most are not very good. Akins is very raw and might be able to develop down the line, but it’s hard to imagine him outplaying Ryan Griffin or Stephen Anderson until 2020 at the earliest. A weird pick and one of the WORST landing spots for him.


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