Baker Mayfield, Quarterback
1st Pick, Cleveland Browns

I love Mayfield; he was my QB1 in this class. He goes to a team that has a great offensive line, a decent, young core group of receivers, and a decent enough stable of running backs. He’s in a good spot to succeed, and I think he takes the job from Tyrod Taylor sooner than we imagine. This is one of the BEST landing spots for him unless Hue Jackson finds a way to destroy his confidence, luckily he has plenty to spare. My only concern is that Mayfield is a guy who seems to enjoy playing with a chip on his shoulder and thrives with that mentality, it’s hard to keep that “me against the world” mindset when you get taken #1 overall.

Saquon Barkley, Running Back
2nd Pick, New York Giants

I like the pick as far as the opportunity is concerned. Jonathan Stewart is old, and the Paul Perkins/Wayne Gallman duo is not very good. However, he’s going to team with a lousy offensive line, and he’s going to have to earn every single yard. Maybe if they address the OL with every other pick they have this year, he’ll be alright, but short term, until he gets a decent line, this is one of the WORST spots for him.

Sam Darnold, Quarterback
3rd Pick, New York Jets

I was not a fan of Darnold coming into this draft. I’m still not a fan. At least he gets some time to learn behind Josh McCown who is supposed to be an excellent mentor for young quarterbacks. Unfortunately, the current Jets regime has shown borderline incompetence developing young QBs like Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. They’re not going to give Darnold the tools to succeed, and they should’ve learned from Mark Sanchez- USC quarterbacks usually flop in the NFL. One of the WORST landing spots possible.

Josh Allen, Quarterback
7th Pick, Buffalo Bills

Here we go. One of the WORST landing spots. The Bills take a quarterback with significant accuracy issues and still needs quite a bit of development. They draft him to a team with one of the worst receiving corps in the league and no one on the team who can mentor him as AJ McCarron will be trying to figure it out himself in week 1. In a city with windy, cold, terrible weather- what can you expect? He was already going to have a difficult time completing 65% of his passes in ideal conditions, now with nobody to throw to and wind and snow coming down on him, what can you realistically hope for? 45%? Awful player, awful pick.

Josh Rosen, Quarterback
10th Pick, Arizona Cardinals

I had Rosen as my QB2 behind Mayfield. This is a 2 part answer; if I knew Sam Bradford could play 16 games and give Rosen a little time to adjust and learn in the NFL, I would say it was one of the BEST spots for him. Assuming Bradford gets injured in week 3 and Rosen gets thrown in there behind a porous offensive line, I’m not so bullish on his chances, and it would be one of the WORST landing spots. Aside from Fitzgerald, he currently doesn’t have anyone of note in the passing game to throw to. Having David Johnson is a nice weapon, but when four pass rushers are in your face on every drop back… Good luck young man. Hopefully the Cardinals use their next few picks to get Rosen some weapons and protection.

DJ Moore, Wide Receiver
24th Pick, Carolina Panthers

Despite all of the love Devin Funchess gets (for reasons unknown to me) this was one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL. Moore was my WR1 for fantasy, and he finds himself in a terrific landing spot, one of the BEST of the day actually. He’s immediately their best option in the passing game (excluding Greg Olsen) and should be their number one option on opening day. Cam has his shortcomings but has been able to support top wide receivers for fantasy in the past.

Hayden Hurst, Tight End
25th Pick, Baltimore Ravens

So, the Ravens draft another tight end. They haven’t been able to get it right yet, so why do they think they’ll be able to do it this year? They had many other needs that could have- and should have- been addressed. This is one of the WORST landing spots for Hurst. They have an entirely new wide receiver corps and now have a new weapon at tight end too? It’s going to be tough for this offensive unit to gel with so many new pieces coming together. I can’t imagine the soon-to-be 25-year-old rookie will break out before he’s 27.

Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver
26th Pick, Atlanta Falcons

I’m not a fan of Ridley. I believe he is a safe pick, with a high floor but as a rookie who will turn 24 in-season, his ceiling is capped. That said, It’s probably one of the BEST landing spots for him fantasy-wise. He should come in and be Atlanta’s second option in the passing game as early as week 1. I can see him being a factor in PPR leagues early in his career. It’s a solid fit, but not spectacular. I like it, but it’s pretty underwhelming.

Rashaad Penny, Running Back
27th Pick, Seattle Seahawks

Interesting. I have Nick Chubb way, way, way ahead of him and Derrius Guice ahead of him as well. Seattle’s offensive line is much improved but is still a problem. I think Seattle had much bigger needs to address at this spot and probably should’ve traded back and got more day 2 picks, and they could’ve gotten an equal (or greater) running back too. This has to be one of the WORST landing spots, especially if you factor in other players on the board and the Seahawks needs at other positions.

Sony Michel, Running Back
31st Pick, New England Patriots

Not a fan. I wasn’t as high on Michel to begin with, but this is a graveyard for fantasy running backs. This is one of the WORST landing spots of the day. He’s going to be featured some weeks and buried other weeks, good luck figuring out which weeks will be which. It’s an excellent move for Michel and the Pats in real life, but for fantasy, it’s a nightmare. He was one of the highest ranked running backs coming into the draft for fantasy, and I have to think he’ll be one of the biggest fallers after this landing spot.

Lamar Jackson, Quarterback
32nd Pick, Baltimore Ravens

Short term, this is more or less a completely irrelevant pick for fantasy. Jackson is going to sit on the bench for at least 2, maybe 3 years to develop. Long-term, it’s probably one of the BEST landing spots for him and for fantasy as he won’t be thrown to the wolves early in his career. I like his upside for dynasty so stash him on your taxi squad and reap the benefits in 2021.


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