2018’s Best 2-QB Tandems

There are so many ways to strategize your QBs in fantasy football. For my money, ensuring that you have the best possible chance to win every week is the only way to do that. While I don’t use 2 QBs that often, I do know that if you want to roster 2 QBs, you need to prepare properly. The best way to do that is to put some research into quarterbacks whose schedules and strengths of schedule match up in a big way and find yourself the best 2 QB tandems.

To that end, I put together a handy little chart. This is every starting QB’s 2018 schedule week-by-week and the strength of the defense that they play each week. Now, these Defensive rankings are arbitrary, but I’m pretty happy with them. Here’s a handy little chart to show what the different colors mean:

So, with that out of the way, here is the table that I’ve put together:

With this data, we get a visual representation of what a QB’s 2018 could look like, and we can pair them together to get the best possible QB tandems. At least, from a schedule exploitation perspective.

As far as strongest and weakest schedules go, here’s the breakdown:

Best Schedules:

  1. Chicago (7 Good, 6 OK, 2 Bad)
  2. Cincinnati and Denver (7 Good, 5 OK, 3 Bad)
  3. Jacksonville and Houston (7 Good, 4 OK, 4 Bad) 

Worst Schedules:

  1. Detroit (3 Good, 6 OK, 6 Bad)
  2. Kansas City (3 Good, 8 Ok, 4 Bad)
  3. New Orleans (5 Good, 2 OK, 8 Bad)
  4. Tampa Bay (4 Good, 4 OK, 7 Bad)

Best 2 QB Tandems

  1. Andy Dalton and Jimmy Garoppolo

Purely from the standpoint of getting high-quality matchups, this is one of the best 2 QB tandems I can find. Strictly looking at Bye Weeks (which people often do) this is an easy tandem to miss because Dalton has such a poor matchup during Garoppolo’s bye week. But beyond that, you’re going to be able to pick plenty of good matchups by using this duo.

  1. Blake Bortles and Carson Wentz

This is also a great tandem, but there are a few issues with this duo. The most glaring is the coinciding bye weeks, which means that regardless of how good the rest of the schedule is, you’re going to have to pick up a 3rd QB in Week 9. In Best ball, this means having to roster 3 QBs, and in Superflex leagues, you’re going to have e a week without your 2nd QB. However, in redraft, the overall strength of schedules — plus some juicy matchups for both QBs — make this a formidable duo if you can afford to ride out Week 9.

  1. Drew Brees and Mitchell Trubisky

Maybe my favorite duo… Brees and Trubisky should both take a big steps forward this year. Brees is bound to find the end zone more than his career low 23 times last year, and Trubisky has new weapons and an all-around better team to support him. When Brees’ schedule gets tough, Trubisky could step in as a high-end option. Their bye weeks coincide very nicely with Bottom 10 defenses for the opposite QB, and Trubisky has a much nicer schedule in the fantasy playoffs

  1. Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota

This duo gives you such a high ceiling for total QB points that it’s another one of my favorites. During Brady’s bye week (Week 11) Mariota faces the Colts… Cha-ching! Not to mention the fact that in Week 13, when Brady is facing one of the league’s toughest defenses, Mariota gets the Jets. This is a great and feasible 2 QB tandem that’s well worth rolling out.

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  1. Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins 

Look, I’m not the type to invest in two Top 10 QBs. But I know some of my readers are going to be in Superflex leagues or Bestball leagues, and we can’t overlook a good tandem in those situations. Now this duo doesn’t necessarily overload you with “Green” weeks. But with Aaron Rodgers as the top pick, that’s not what you need. You can roll Rodgers out every week. What matters is that Cousins has a great matchup during Rodgers’ Week 7 Bye Week, as he faces the Jets. He also gets Seattle’s depleted secondary and MIA in Weeks 14 and 15. This sets you up nicely for a championship week where you can roll Rodgers out against the Jets.

6. DeShaun Watson and Dak Prescott

Watson is already likely to be a dominant fantasy QB. I am buying that last year wasn’t a fluke, and he has a great pair of receiving weapons. Prescott, not so much. But he does provide a tremendous amount of potential value if the Cowboys can turn this ragtag group of receivers into a quality unit. At any rate, this is a solid tandem to carry into the season. Yes, Week 10 will likely be rough, but outside of that brutal week, you’re in smooth sailing — especially in Weeks 11-16. This tandem is built to launch you through the playoffs and into the fantasy championship with exploitable matchups in every one of the last six weeks.

7. Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill

If you’re going to invest early in a QB like Wilson, you’re likely not going to back him up with anybody until the end of the draft. Enter Ryan Tannehill, who is finally healthy again and consistently finished as a Top 20 QB when healthy. Tannehill offers a good counter-balance to Russell Wilson as his “Green” weeks are almost always coinciding with a down week for Wilson; His Week 7 bye week, Week 12 against Carolina, Week 2 against Chicago on MNF… You’re going to use Russell basically every week possible. However, there are some quality spots for Tannehill to fill in and maximize your chances for success.

Fantasy Football is a game of calculated decisions. Knowing the forecast for your fantasy stars is critical in the process of drafting. So, utilize the QB grid and make your own beastly tandem, and go out there and take home a championship in 2018!


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