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32 Teams, 64 Takes, 1 IDP Championship: AFC WEST

We are now in the dead zone for Fantasy Football and by all means, enjoy your cookouts and poolside adventures. Also please remember that this is the last month without NFL football. So, if your league has trades open now and you want to get away from your wife and kids, in-laws or the relatives who pop by unannounced like Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, I have your escape. So, grab your phone, tablet or laptop and find a hole in the attic or crawl space and read this 8 part series of IDP Buy/Sell. If you immerse yourself into this series, you will win a lot in your IDP leagues. Now, welcome to the series that WILL take you to the promised land.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

Buy: Ramik Wilson, Linebacker – After stud LBer Derrick Johnson went down with a nasty injury, Mr. Wilson stepped in very admirably. Johnson had a good 11 game run to finish out the year with 61 tackles, 3 for a loss and 15 assists. Not too shabby for a backup player. Derrick Johnson appears to be ready to make a comeback this year, but If I were Coach Reid, I would have Ramik Wilson out there. He is young and is the future of the middle of the Chiefs defense.

Sell: Eric Berry, Safety – I respect his play and strength. Beating cancer to come back into better health and then go out and still perform at an all pro level, it’s other worldly. In the game of IDP, I would take this past season as a selling point and maybe package him up and grab Jamal Adams. I have already traded Mr. Berry in one of my leagues for devy picks. I attained Kalen Ballage and Duke Riley with those devy picks.

Denver Broncos

Buy: Todd Davis, Linebacker – Since Mr. Davis and his teammate Corey Nelson came into the league I have been a fan of both. After my sleeper turned star a couple of years ago Brandon Marshall went down with a nagging injury, Mr. Davis has separated himself from Mr. Nelson and did a fine job in the IDP world filling in for Marshall. Look for Todd Davis to start this year alongside Marshall.

Sell: Von Miller, Linebacker – In most of my IDP drafts I use Mr. Miller here as a marker of sorts. When he gets drafted, in my opinion, too early, I know that owner has no idea who to draft after he picks Big Bad Von. The drop off for him and a lot of IDP owners starts there. So, I know it is open season for me, and I can plan accordingly. Mr. Miller scored 241.00 points (courtesy of the DFF DOMINATION League*)in 2016. He only scored over 20 points 2 times all season and had 10 or fewer points 6 times. So, if you have an orphan or you picked him too early, make a deal and grab some of the other middle or inside LBers listed here.

Las Vegas Raiders

Buy: Jihad Ward, Defensive End – The word out of the Raiders camp is that the defensive tackle turned defensive end Jihad Ward is blowing up. He has the size (6′ 5″ / 297 lbs) to hold down the end and has the attitude in his 2nd year to be a force on an up and coming defense. He is worth a late, late round stash.

Sell: Khalil Mack, Linebacker – If he was still a defensive end he would not be in this article. The new MFL designation of LBer has killed his ADP. You can use my sentiments on Von Miller above and apply them to Mack because they almost scored identical points last year in our DFF Domination league. (241.00 Von 242.00 Mack) Sell him now! Go now; I’ll wait.

L.A. Chargers

Buy: Jatavis Brown, Linebacker – *WARNING* If I am in a league with you, hands off Jatavis Brown. Okay, back to my take. I love that he got a shot to play and proved what I have seen for years. This kid is a monster and may be a top 5 IDP LBer scoring at the end of 2017. He had limited time and then missed 4 games but still managed to score 200.00 points. His tenacity and grit trumps his stature and where he came from. If Tyrann Mathieu is the “Honey Badger” then Mr. Brown is the “Wolverine.” Sell Von and Mack and get yourself a Jatavis.

Sell: Denzel Perryman, Linebacker – I’m going to keep this one short. If you want to know inconsistent, look up Perryman’s numbers week to week. UGH! He had so much promise. Too soon to write off or will he turn it around? I’m not sticking around to see. NEXT!

Thank you for reading and supporting me and the DFF Army. If you would like more Dynasty Football info, hit me up @FatAdamSchefter on Twitter. Good luck in 2017! (But, not if you are in a league with me!)

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