AFC Divisional Betting Odds

Some real value can be found in these bets if you’re willing to do the research. For instance, last year two teams went from 2017 doormats to divisional winners (the Texans and the Bears) and provided bettors with a nice payout. While a worst-to-first turnaround shouldn’t be expected every year, there is certainly value to be had in placing these year-long bets.   For each division, I’ll provide two picks. The first is the “Best Bet,” or the bet I feel is most likely to hit. As boring as it is, this is most likely the favorite and thus the safest bet to place. The second is the “Best Odds,” or where I perceive the best value to be. Full disclosure, this is where I take a little more liberty in my selections so if you’re looking for an opinion on the safest bet, I’d suggest sticking with my first recommendation.With that out of the way, let’s get on with the show!
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