Adoree Jackson: The Little Sleeping Giant

Adoree Jackson is a second-year man out of USC and is ready to blow it up. With some of the most dynamic talent, we have seen out of a cornerback in a long time. If he wanted to, he could be just as effective on offense as he will be on defense. His ADP is currently an easy steal if you are in deeper leagues. If you are in IDP only leagues, his value vs. other corners cannot be ignored, well if you want to win anyway.

The Titans last year made it to the AFC Divisional round of the NFL playoffs. While opposing teams did have fun throwing against one of the worst pass defenses in the league, they were monsters in stopping the run. With Adoree going into his second year, he should slowly start to right the sinking ship that was the Titans pass defense last year. Even with their poor team stats, Adoree left his mark.

Let us take a quick look at the small sample size that is his first and only year in the league.

Stats for 2017

Defensive: 17 pass deflections, 3 fumbles, and 61 tackles.

Return game: 4 punt returns for 18-yards and 6 kick-off returns for 126 yards.

Offense: 5 rush for 55 yards, 1 target for reception and 1 fumble.

2018 Outlook

Jackson was used all over the field minimally in 2017. 2018 is his year to explode. They no longer have Demarco Murray or Eric Decker. The offense has a new look to it, and having a gadget player like Jackson could create more mismatches then defenses want to deal with.

On just defense alone he is well worth a draft pick, even a high one. Right now his ADP sits at 8.07. That is a bargain value for someone who finished just outside the top-50 for tackles last year.

Adoree sits as the 2nd/3rd CB on the current depth chart, but I would look for him to play the slot in three wide-set, then move to CB2 when it’s just two WR. He also is listed as their only KR/PR. If your defensive players can also get offensive stats, leaving Adoree off your draft board could come back to bite you.

His last year in college he totaled 55 tackles, 5 picks, and 11 pass deflections. He has a nose for the ball and the speed to get it done.

For those of you out there concerned about his 5-11 185lbs frame, the Bears Kyle Fuller is almost identical standing at 5-11 190lbs. Who by the way tied with Adoree for 24th in tackles among DBs. If you are looking for players around his draft stock Jalen Ramsey is near him with that of a 7.03 draft ADP. That`s right, Jalen Ramsey. At several points, last year pundits were pounding the tablet for him to win MVP.

So Adoree, a guy with multi-use ability, drafted just one round after Jalen Ramsey. Ya, I am more than ok with him being my first CB. I am ok with him as a top-3 DB in general on my team. If your league scores yardage as well, if he gets his hands on some interceptions he will get points on top of points.

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