Skai Moore – LB Player Profile


– 6’1”, 218 lb OLB
– He earned his place on the 2017 ALL-SEC (coaches) Team for his leadership and productivity.
– He holds a tie for most interceptions (14) in school history (dare we say, he is a “ballhawk”?)
– Pro day scheduled for March 20th, 2018.

My Thoughts

When I look at his college stats I am impressed with his tackles and overall stat sheet. When it came to watching some tape, I was eager to see him blowing up on the field.

I am impressed with his ability to see a play unfolding and attack it. He looked very comfortable in zone coverage and plucked a few balls out of the air that took a superhuman effort to reach. He moves with ease and understands how to take the pass lanes away. Moore is off on a mission to get the ball as soon as it leaves the QB’s hand. As long as he gets clean, he can force the QB to throw before he is ready, or get the sack. On a pass rush note, he would be strong off the edge as he flashed a little bend, and getting downfield in a hurry on a blitz works for him as well. Getting to the QB is of high importance in the NFL, where offenses look to throw to move the chains.

The question is, can he hold up physically in the NFL? Entering the pros it makes sense that special teams would be a starting point, and I don’t see that being useful for Moore. He gets caught looking in the backfield and gets sucked in on play action passes and is not able to recover. In the NFL that’s a death sentence. When attacking the run game, he gets stuck on blocks and is often unable to get free. That’s a significant issue for me on LBs.

At his best, he would be an off the ball LB who would be able to run free and chase down the ball. Filling a role on passing downs would also work as he played well when he was in these situations. Can he earn a seat as a reliable depth player? I’m not sold, as he will struggle on special teams, and if you’re a backup, you better be able to hold down a roster spot by playing well on the special teams unit.

Draft outlook

This is a highlight real which was fun to watch. He showed well on the field, and bringing solid stats to back that up means a team will call his name late in this draft. Late 6th or 7th round would be my guess.

Fantasy Drafts

I was hoping he would be a great late add for me in my drafts. I am going to pass on him and let someone else take a roster spot. He’s a 7th round flyer if you’re inclined to draft him.

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