2022 DFF Draft Coverage: Kevin Harris

KEVIN HARRIS | SOUTH CAROLINA 5’10” 221 lbs. | 11/17/2000 (Age 21)

Kevin Harris was drafted 183rd overall by the New England Patriots becoming the 17th running back selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.


Kevin Harris was a solid producer in college and almost hit every single threshold that I look at in my model. Harris had a best-season scrimmage yards per game of 130 yards, which barely misses my 135-yard threshold. He had a career yards per carry mark of 5.5, which again almost hits my mark of 6.0. He had 2.0 best-season yards per team play, which surpasses my elite mark of 1.9. Harris also secured a 12% best season reception share, which is over my elite threshold of 10%. Lastly, Harris smashes the 35% TD share threshold with a best-season share of 71%.  Overall, he hit three of the five marks and almost hit the other two. This makes his profile far more impressive than the average Day 3 pick.


At his Pro Day Kevin Harris earned a 55th-percentile speed score, which is just average, but a stellar 89th percentile burst score. Harris also hit my weight threshold as well as my BMI threshold of 30.0 by coming in at 221 pounds with a 31.7 BMI. Harris has workhorse-level size and the athleticism to quickly hit and get through holes in the NFL. 


Harris was selected with the 183-overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. And this is terrible for his fantasy prospects. He was the second RB drafted by a team that already employs Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. So, at best Harris is RB4 on the depth chart and not a guy I have much interest in until very late in fantasy drafts. In the early fifth round he could be a fine pick. But seeing where his value shakes out will be important. I do like to bet on talent over situation and I believe Harris is talented. But this combination of poor draft capital and terrible landing spot has dropped him far out of my top 10 RBs for this class. 


Kevin Harris is a big, tough running back that has also shown an aptitude for catching passes. Despite proven college production, Harris slid down draft boards due to his injury history. As a result, he will likely struggle to latch onto a starting role in the league. However, he is capable of stepping up and producing spike weeks in the event of an injury, similar to 2021 rookies Elijah Mitchell and Khalil Herbert.

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