2019 Devy Watch QB Preview

After months of hard work, the 2019 edition of Devy Watch is in the final stages of production. It’s not too late to pre-order a copy and get a $5 discount. Our team watched over 1,000 college football players and incoming freshmen and identified nearly 300 players that you need to know for Devy drafts, College Fantasy, DFS, and to prepare you for the 2019 football season. Of the nearly 300 players who made the cut, 37 of them are quarterbacks, including Trevor Lawrence, Justin Herbert, and D’Eriq King. Each quarterback has their own profile page that includes height, weight, age, games started, strengths, weaknesses and a short summary of what makes them an NFL prospect. Check out this sample profile below:

Devy Watch also includes overall rankings, tiered positional rankings, class rankings, and other valuable information like vacated production, Dominator Rating, Breakout Age leaders, and LJ’s Projected Futures. For the first time, we will release a second volume with updated information after we’ve had a chance to digest spring games. Volume Two will place greater emphasis on incoming freshmen and include a superflex mock draft with some of fantasy football’s heavyweights.

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