2017 IDP Sells: Linebacker

“It’s just business. Everything is just business with us: Buy for a nickel, sell for a dime.” – Spiros “Vondas” –The Wire

In my opinion, no quote could ever better encapsulate the meaning of “Buying Low and Selling High” than the one posted above.  Whereas Vondas was referring to something else entirely, this quote always comes to mind when pondering the trade market.

Buying an item when it is at its lowest cost and inversely selling an item when it has reached its apex value is one of the first things you learn about when you begin playing fantasy football. Whether it be selling off an RB who fell into a starting role and thrived in that role based on strong line play and replacement level efficiency or buying a WR who underperformed due to poor quarterback play are prime examples of this process.

It doesn’t matter which part of the fantasy football season we are in; there are always values to find and profits to be made. Below we’ll discuss which Linebackers to sell:

Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders:

One glaring stat I discovered during my research of Mack was in Weeks 11-14 last year; the Raiders used Mack at outside linebacker on 127-of-137 base snaps (92.7%) in a 3-4 alignment. Although it worked for the Raiders in the real football universe, it did not, however, help in the IDP world we live in. I know some of you are saying, “He was a defensive end last year for me so why is he in this article?” Well, I’ll tell you now to sell high, NOW!!!!

Now that the Raiders have brought in John Pagano, with his 3-4 background, as assistant head coach on defense now may be the last best chance to sell high on Mack. Pagano brings an elite level of defensive smarts. He helped the Chargers last year become a top 10 run stuffing team and a better overall defense than the Raiders.  But most likely Pagano will implement a 3-4 defense, which will shoot Mack back to outside linebacker. In turn, diminishing his IDP scoring and he would become a high risk/high reward IDP start.

Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh Steelers:

The 30-year-old, long-time Steeler is coming off a decent scoring season with 241 fantasy points. (Source: DFF Domination League) He is now starting contract talks, but I really think he might be playing somewhere else in 2017. He showed a little sluggishness and in general and is beginning to show his age. In the last four years his stats have been on a slight decline. Mr. Timmons still has some gas left in the tank, but I really think you could use his above average stat line this past year to sell him.

Do yourself a favor and go and pick up Vince Williams. He came in last year and put up some killer numbers in a short three-game span. He showed his big play IDP ability with a 38 point stat line against Kansas City!

Zach Brown, Buffalo Bills:

With new coach Sean McDermott moving the defense to a 4-3, there will be one less linebacker position to go around for a deep linebacking corps in Buffalo. High draft pick Reggie Ragland is on his way back to the middle and it looks like Zach Brown might be moving out of the middle.

Zach is a better buy for Buffalo than Lorenzo Alexander is, who is 33 years old. If there ever there were a high sell player, it would be Zach Brown this coming year. He will probably never duplicate his “out of nowhere numbers” (309 points) from 2016 even if he was in the middle. Now in a new scheme, he will be pushed to IDP non-consistent hell on the outside.

Thank you so much for reading and always remember, if it’s not IDP, it’s a beginner’s league! IDP IS LIFE!  

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