FF Fellas Podcast EP 39: WR Preview Pt. 2

WR Preview Pt. 2

And the week rolls on! On today’s show Kyle and Seth are discussing the latest news and going through the remainder of their WR rankings. Strap in for another packed episode with the Fellas!

The Fellas are proud to introduce two new affiliations!

The first is the Ultimate Draft Kit from the Fantasy Footballers. Our guest Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) has his Reception Perception tool in the UDK, and of course our guest Mike Wright (@FFHitman) himself helped put it together in the first place, there is so much more fantasy goodness to dive into! Check out the UDK at ultimatedraftkit.com and use the promo code Fellas or click the affiliate link on the partners page of thefantastyfootballfellas.com/partners for 10% off.

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The Fellas have joined the Dynasty Football Factory Network! DFF is a fantastic site with a hard-working, quality team of fantasy football writers and analysts that cover dynasty, devy, IDP, and more! Head over to dynastyfootballfactory.com or follow the #DFFArmy on Twitter @DF_Network for more quality fantasy content than you can shake a stick at.

Draft season is here, and you need to get ready! Get prepared for your fantasy drafts by using the Draft Wizard and other great tools over at Fantasypros.com. You can create your own cheat sheets to use in the draft room, analyze previous drafts to discover trends, and more! If you want to take it to the next level, sign up for their premium service and get a ton more features and season-long tools, and you help out the show. What’s not to love?

And don’t forget to download the DRAFT app by searching for “draft” in the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to enter the promo code Fellas when you download and you will get a 100% bonus up to $600 on your first deposit!

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