2017 NFL Combine Winners/Losers: Day 2

The 2017 NFL Combine allows dynasty fantasy football fans their first glimpse beyond the heavy equipment to determine whether a certain player can translate their college production into relevant fantasy points. Today we will be discussing the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends.  While there weren’t any major spoilers revealed (unless you call John Ross’ historic 4.22 40 yard dash that), some players impressed (stock up) and most stayed the same (even) or failed by hurting themselves with unexpected performances (stock down). Keep in mind the NFL Combine is more about getting consistent medical reports and measurements while being able to compare athletes who play the same position. Please remember it is not all about the 40 yard dash and how many times someone put up 225 lbs. in the bench presses.  These are my first impressions seeing them without pads:


Brad Kaaya – threw with nice touch, good footwork, average arm, didn’t run a 40, made a lot of plays for Miami in a quiet pocket (even)

DeShone Kizer – only a 4.83 40 yard dash, has the most upside per Mike Mayock, threw behind a lot of his receivers during drills (stock slightly down)

Patrick Mahomes II – has a haircut similar to Eugene of The Walking Dead, strong arm, most upside in this class in my opinion (stock slightly up)

Nate Peterson – a steady quarterback, decent footwork, adequate arm strength, looks like a solid backup who could develop into a starter in a few years (even)

Mitchell Trubisky – good footwork, 4.67 40 time, very athletic, quick release, muscular, nice ball placement (stock up)

Deshaun Watson – second fastest 40 for a QB at 4.66, small legs, quick feet, good deep ball (even)Wide receivers

Wide Receivers

Billy Brown – TE trying to play WR at 255 lbs., 4.70 40, good gauntlet, 23 reps of 225 lbs (stock slightly up)

KD Cannon – thin legs, but impressive 4.41 40, good gauntlet, nice slant route, 37” vertical jump (stock up)

Amara Darboh – thick build, caught in stride, 4.45 40, 17 bench reps, 124” broad jump (even)

Robert Davis – small school player that jumped off the screen, 4.44 40, soft hands, catches in stride, 41” vertical jump (stock up)

Malachi Dupre – lanky build, flypaper hands, smooth in gauntlet, adjusts well to pigskin in air, 4.52 40, 39.5” vertical and 135” broad jumps (even)

Travin Dural – smooth, non-muscular strider, good gauntlet, tracks ball well over shoulder, slower than expected 4.57 40 (stock slightly down)

Isaiah Ford – 4.61 40 (ouch), good explosion with 127” broad and 35.5” vertical jumps (stock down)

Chris Godwin – 4.42 40, 19 bench reps, adjusts well to ball in air, awesome gauntlet, attacks pigskin, deep ball threat, 36” vertical and 126” broad jumps (stock up)

Chad Hansen – 4.53 40, let ball into body, deep ball threat (stock down)

Carlos Henderson – explosive, flypaper hands, good body control, nice gauntlet, 4.46 40, plenty of juice in his legs with 131” broad and 36” vertical jumps (stock up)

Zay Jones – 4.45 40, smooth glider, nice gauntlet with 36.5” vertical jump (stock slightly up)

Cooper Kupp – beard that made his face look like an alien from Roddy Piper’s classic “They Live”, slow 4.62 40, will only play slot (stock down)

Josh Malone – smooth, 121” broad jump, adjusts well to ball in air (even)

Josh Reynolds – up to 194 lbs., glider, 37” vertical and 124” broad jumps, caught ball well in stride, nice gauntlet, 4.52 40 (stock slightly up)

John Ross – explosive, set 40 record with 4.22 seconds, 37” vertical and 133” broad jumps, strained calves after first historic 40 run, didn’t do other drills (stock up, but you get an idea of how brittle he can be)

Curtis Samuel – quick feet, 37” vertical jump, 4.31 40, some concentration issues during gauntlet, adjusts well to ball in air (even)

JuJu Smith – thicker than I thought, natural hands, good gauntlet, 120” broad jump, but ran a little slow with 4.54 40 (even)

Taywan Taylor – explosive, 132” broad jump, muscular, fluffy soft hands, great gauntlet, 4.5 40 (stock slightly up)

Mike Williams – 121” broad jump, soft hands, glider, good gauntlet and tracks pigskin well in air (even)

Tight ends

Evan Engram – 4.42 40, 36” vertical and 125” broad jumps, he will be debated as to small TE or big WR, soft hands, fluid, body control (stock up)

Gerald Everett – 4.62 40, 37.5” vertical and 126” broad jumps, 22 reps in bench, thick trunk, nice gauntlet (stock up)

Bucky Hodges – 4.57 40, 39” vertical and 134” broad jumps, more WR than TE, unnatural three-point stance, disappointing gauntlet (stock down)

OJ Howard – 4.51 40, 121” broad jump, 22 bench reps, muscular, fluid, no wasted steps (even)

Jordan Leggett – nice gauntlet, didn’t run 40, not explosive (stock slightly down)

David Njoku – 4.64 40, 37.5” vertical and 133” broad jumps, 21 bench reps, huge all over, decent hands, tracks ball well in air, lower body power, somewhat robotic (stock slightly down)

Adam Shaheen – 4.79 40, 121” broad jump, 24 bench reps, thick and tall, catches at highest point over shoulder, body caught in gauntlet, stiff (even, only watched highlights so far with two games queued up for later in month)

Jonnu Smith – 4.62 40, 38” vertical and 127” broad jumps, 22 bench reps, muscular, catches pigskin in stride, good gauntlet (stock slightly up)

If you’d like to dig into any of the players not covered, here’s a link to the NFL Events Combine Tracker. Thanks for reading. I will continue to discuss my 2017 NFL Draft thoughts with you throughout the next several months, so keep checking the site for more content. Please check out my other content as well. You can also follow me on Twitter @AndrewMiley.



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