IDP DRAFT PROFILE: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple University

Combine Numbers:

4.52 40 yard dash

11’1” Broad Jump

24 reps of 225 lbs. Bench Press

36.5” Vertical Jump

7.01 3 Cone

One thing I adore is a player who walked on to a team and clawed, hustled and worked countless hours while others were out getting turnt up. Mr. Haason Reddick walked on to the Temple team as a safety, because he was injured in high school and only played in 4 games. His parents, who believed in their son so passionately, took out a loan to pay for his meal plan at Temple.

The coach in his redshirted freshman year was going to cut him but was fortunately not there by Reddicks sophomore season. The new coach, Matt Rhule, kept him on the roster and in the following three years he earned his scholarship. He showed his versatility at the Senior Bowl by playing linebacker. Now he is getting looked at as a mid to late first-round pick in the NFL draft coming up this week. I have seen many mock drafts with Reddick not getting past the 20th pick.

One last thing for all of you out there who look at, “walk-ons” with a tilted nose. Remember, J.J. Watt, Jordy Nelson and Clay Matthews were all “walk-ons” like Mr. Reddick. If you don’t understand the term “walk-on” go watch the only movie that I regularly tear up to called, “RUDY” to see what they have to go through to even see the field. Mr. Reddick has helped his cause by coming into his own the last two seasons for Temple.

Coming out of high school, where he played safety and running back, it was easy to see his desire to be an outstanding athlete. I would go into his stats from Temple more, but really in my head, the only number that matters is 46. This beast had 46 tackles for a loss in his time playing at Temple. That is amazing. 22.5 In his senior year alone! No wonder he is flying up draft boards as I write this. Now, let’s dive into this early first round draft picks game

Thumbs Up

I get to use one of my favorite scouting sayings here; Mr. Reddick is a “Fast or Quick Twitch” athlete.

Definition of fast–twitch: “Of, relating to, or being muscle fiber that contracts quickly especially during brief high-intensity physical activity requiring strength.”

Compliments of Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Every time I watched a Temple game or watched this young man’s film I always noticed that he was out ahead of everyone when the ball was snapped. He was lining up everywhere on defense. He is coming off the edge, he is coming from up the gut or middle of the defensive line, and I have even seen him cover from a hand in the dirt stance. 

Keep an eye on #7 in the highlight film below.

He can do almost everything for you. Coming in at 237 pounds and standing 6’1”, you can say he is not big enough for the defensive line, but out of all the 2017 rookie defensive players coming into the league, I believe Haason Reddick is hands down the most versatile. He has experience on all three levels of defense.

If I drafted him, I would let him run wild in a Derrick Thomas type of role. Blitz him, fake blitz and let him cover. Use him as a WILL LBer and let him run down. He can go anywhere on the defense, and he will then come out of nowhere and blow up the play for the opposition. The swivel in his hips is something else I have noticed. He can change direction like a 200 lb. corner. Pair these things with his excellent vision, and it leads to Reddick disrupting plays before they even get started.

Thumbs Down

One thing I always look for in a great defender, besides get off, is hand violence. Mr. Reddick will have to get better at this to get bigger offensive lineman off him so he can get to his assignment. He relies too much on his pure athletic ability when rushing the QB. Once he gets coached up in the NFL, I think some of these traits will diminish. Also, when he engages into a tackle, he does not wrap up properly sometimes. He needs to man up with his chest and follow through. His 16 missed tackles are not a huge deal, but if he doesn’t learn to complete tackles, he could lose playing time.

NFL Comparison: Lavonte David with a pinch of Derrick Thomas

Fantasy Outlook


The actual question is can he bulk the hell up to play the edge on a consistent basis? I would get him in as an inside linebacker and let him bird dog and become the roaming “HAWK” on that defense. His explosion to the ball carrier is a thing of beauty. So, to any and all NFL GM’s who draft this fine young man:


If Mr. Reddick does get into this situation then, by all means, draft him as an LB1 in IDP leagues and watch your numbers go up. He improved significantly under the tutelage of the Owl’s coaching staff which shows he is moldable. I can see 90+ tackles in his first year when and if he becomes a middle or inside linebacker. If he gets put on the edge, then we all know in the IDP world to curb your expectations.

He would become a high-risk, high-reward player like most OLBers are. But, he could become that rare outside force that becomes relevant in the IDP world. So, if you believe in this kid, I say draft him in your dynasty rookie drafts anyway. I hope the team that drafts him lets him explore all his possibilities and lets him become that predator on the field.

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