10 Team Redraft Mock Draft

Let the mocking begin! We’re barely into April, and the NFL offseason is gaining momentum every day. The DFF Redraft team is starting our mock draft series with a ten team, ½ PPR mock. After completing the draft, we scoured over the results and gave our insights based on a variety of topics. Check out the draft order below and read each team member’s recap, then make sure to give everyone a follow on Twitter, along with the Redraft Football Factory. We’ll be completing mock drafts up until the start of the regular season.

The entire draft board can be seen here.

Draft Order:

1 – Jerry Sinclair (@JerrysinDFF)           

2 – Mike Oliva (@MikeCOliva)          

3 – Stephen Halupka   (@TheRealHalupka)

4 – Shane Manila (@DFF_Shane)

5 – Michael Stephenson  (@DFF_Mste)            

6 – Kalib Drake (@DFF_Guru)

7 – Andrew Mendoza (@DFF_LeGrand)

8 – Tom Burroughs (@DFF_Tom)

9 – Anthony Zaragoza (@ZaragozaAnthony)

10 – Aaron Larson (@aalarson)

Draft Slot: #1

Team Owner: Jerry

Draft Strategy: This is a cop-out of epic proportions, but it’s always the case: Let the draft come to you. I did want to take a QB earlier than I normally would to see how it played out, but everything else was just grab and go.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Either Devonta Freeman in the fifth or Carlos Hyde in the 9th. Devonta Freeman has never had the Falcons backfield to himself and has still managed three top 15 fantasy seasons. The backfield is all his in 2019. This was a 2-11, robbery in progress. With Hyde, he can do everything Damien Williams can, but better. Damien won’t be going anywhere so it’ll be a headache most weeks, but if he ends up in that backfield alone, he’stop-eightght RB. Easy pick in the ninth.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: O.J. Howard at the end of the sixth. I don’t hate the pick but looking at the draft board in hindsight, I could’ve gone Njoku in the eighth. Especially when I got Jared Cook in the 11th. I took Cook in case Howard’s injuries lingered, but I’d have been better off just going Cook and securing up my WR core instead of Howard

Confidence in Team: Love Andrew Luck this year. Happy with Cook and Howard at TE. I’d say I have the top RBs in the league with Saquon, Conner, Devonta, Hyde, and potentially Ballage. My WRs outside of Juju do not instill confidence. Alshon loves soft tissue injuries and Doug Baldwin is a roller coaster of emotions for his fantasy owners. Overall I think this is a playoff team, but I’d have to make a trade to upgrade my WR. Preferably with Alshon and Howard or Cook in a package

Favorite Overall Team: I’m torn between Legrand’s core of Russell Wilson, Chubb, Kerryon, Hopkins, Amari, and Ebron. That’s a solid starting squad with bench guys I like, like Royce Freeman, Robby Anderson, and Will Fuller. Anthony also has a good team with the always disrespected Matt Ryan, RBs like Joe Mixon, Fournette, and Lamar Miller. AZ’s deep WR core is what tightened my pants, with Davante Adams, Thielen, Corey Davis, Courtland Sutton, and former Detroit Lion and a man of my heart, Golden Tate.

Draft Slot: #2

Team Owner:  Mike

Draft Strategy: Picking from the #2 spot, I knew I was going RB to start, and for me, it came down to Zeke or CMC. I went Zeke since I think the Cowboys pass offense will be better this year with Cooper there all season and the addition of Cobb which should help open up lanes for Zeke. After that, I planned on building strength at other positions and going RBBC for my RB2 spot.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Julian Edelman at 11.02 is just insane value. With Gronk retired and Josh Gordon’s off-field issues, Edelman is once again in position for a monster PPR season. In the 11th round as my WR6, I think it’s probably the best value pick of the entire draft.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: I auto-drafted Tyreek Hill at 2.09, a pick I wouldn’t have made given the uncertainty surrounding him at the moment.  Of my actual picks, Derrick Henry at 5.02 may have been a reach given who else was still available. I view him as a risky pick this year because we still have no clue if they will turn him loose. When they did, he was a monster (585 rushing yards and 7 TDs over the last four weeks of the season), but in the previous 12 games, he failed to reach 60 yards rushing and had more than 12 attempts in only two games. He could be an RB1 if they ride him as they did in weeks 14-17, or bench fodder if he’s used like he was in weeks 1-13.

Confidence in Team: I like this team. Since I play a lot of bestball, I tend to draft with a bestball mentality, and this team fits a strong bestball team. Watson and Brees at QB assure me of solid QB production while Kelce is the TE1 in my rankings. At WR, I have seven solid guys that I can mix and match based on performance and matchups, with Hill (hopefully), Cooks, and Landry/Edelman as my expected weekly starters. My weakness is at RB. I consider Zeke as safe as you can get for an RB1, and I hope to find an RB2 out of Henry, Crowell (who could win the starting job in Oakland), C.J. Anderson (likely to find a job somewhere given his performance at the end of the year), and Foreman (who could end up starting over the painfully average Lamar Miller). While it doesn’t have the flash or star power of some of the other teams, I can see this team being a contender if I can find a solid compliment to Zeke at RB.

Favorite Overall Team: I like what Aaron was able to do out of the 10 spot. Starting with DJ and Bell, he has two guys who are tremendous PPR backs and could both return to overall RB1 form.  He followed that up with Green, Hilton, and Robinson giving him three top WRs who could all post WR1 numbers. Solid depth at RB and WR, Engram at TE who could be in line for a big year with Beckham leaving, and a QB combo of Winston and Garoppolo makes this team my pick to win the league.

Draft Slot: #3

Team Owner:  Stephen

Draft Strategy:  In a 10 team league I like to take the best player available as there will be depth to be had at various points through the draft. This led me to go RB heavy to start.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Really like Latavius Murray in the 9th. Could end up as a top 20 RB in any format with the opportunity as the big back in NO.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach:  QBs certainly went late including players like Drew Brees going in the last round so I guess you can consider Rodgers in the 6th a bit early.

Confidence in Team: I like this team a lot. Nice RB depth with CMC, Cook, and Guice to go along with a stud WR in Keenan Allen. My other WR are high-upside plays balancing out the boom/bust potential for my roster.

Favorite Overall Team: Really like Michael’s team with Gurley, Mahomes, and AB. That team can put up some devastating weeks.

Draft Slot: #4

Team Owner:  Shane

Draft Strategy: I prefer to come out of drafts with at least one area where I feel like I dominate at the position. Typically I want that dominant position to be my wide receivers.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Julio Jones at 2.07. Jones has finished in the top six in average per game scoring in two of the last three seasons, including last season when he finished as the WR4 with 20.6 points per game. Without throwing to much shade, I think it’s safe to say Jones will outscore at least three of the players drafted before him in the second round.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: I have a three-round stretch of shame to choose from. Jared Goff in the fourth is pretty awful. In the fifth round, it dawned on me that every decent running back had already come off the board. That led me to draft Phillip Lindsay. Lindsay is a player who I’m selling in dynasty and avoiding in redraft, so this pick is pretty bad. James White in the following round wasn’t a shining moment either.

Confidence in Team: It’s not really strong. My wide receivers, Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, and Larry Fitzgerald inspire confidence. But being a 1/2 point PPR I should have gone running back heavy instead. George Kittle at tight end makes me feel good inside. Though I over drafted Goff, and then over drafted Carson Wentz it’s still nice to have them at QB. My running backs are very not good. I don’t see Phillip Lindsay holding onto the starting role in Denver. I love James White as a flex, or nice bench piece but I have a strong suspicion that last year was his ceiling.

Favorite Overall Team: Stephen built a very strong roster. Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, and Derrius Guice is a strong trio at running back. Having Keenan Allen gives you a great floor every week with Kenny Golladay giving you the upside you want as well. Aaron Rogders in the sixth is a thing of beauty. Stephen has the best roster top to bottom.

Draft Slot: #5

Team Owner:  Michael

Draft Strategy: First mock of the year so I ignored all of my 2018 rules of thumb of early TE and WR, Late QB and RB, and took the best player available route. This worked extremely well as I ended up with arguably the best RB, WR and QB in Football in Gurley, AB and Pat Mahomes. Early QB is usually a massive no-no for me, but looking back at this one I don’t feel like I massively missed out on anyone around when I took Mahomes.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Antonio Brown in the middle of the second round should be the stuff of dreams. The Raiders offense is, of course, a step down from the Pittsburgh offense, but AB is special, and the Raiders are damn sure going to feed him the ball, would anyone be surprised if Brown finished as the WR1 this season?

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach:  Rashaad Penny, 6.06.  I’d love to claim miss-click here but unfortunately not. I am not sure what came over me here, as I am not a Penny guy, there are names a lot further down this list who I’d much rather own, such as Latavius Murray or Lamar Miller. The real wasted pick here in the early starting-roster building rounds of a draft.

Confidence in Team: I love this team! The floor I have in Gurley, AB, Mahomes and Robert Woods is crazy high. There are guys in here who could see a massive workload if things fall their way, Watkins/Howard/ Shepard. And to finish off, I have a couple of guys with immense upside in Devin Funchess, Chris Thompson, and Anthony Miller.

Favorite Overall Team: Tom took it for me, solid start and added a ton of potentially sky-high upside on the way. Damien Williams in the 6th could be a league winner in itself and Marvin Jones in the 10th with no Golden Tate is one of the best values in the draft.

Draft Slot: #6

Team Owner:  Kalib

Draft Strategy: My draft strategy stays the same every year for the most part and has the same four core principles. Those principles are Principle 1: Make sure I grab a tier I TE so that I do not have to play the guessing game and stream a new guy every week.

Principle 2: Do not draft a QB until extremely late (I got Baker in the ninth round). Excluding Mahomes, the difference between the number two QB last year (Big Ben) and the number twelve QB from last year (Kirk Cousins) was only 50 points. That is the difference of 3.1 fantasy points a week.

Principle 3: Grab as much depth in RB’s and WR’s as possible.

Principle 4: Use my last two picks on a Kicker and Defense. Find a kicker who is on a high scoring offense and find a defense who has a great week one matchup.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Baker Mayfield in the ninth round. Contrary to my draft strategy where I don’t usually even look at a quarterback until the 12th round, I couldn’t believe seeing Baker fall to the ninth. I drafted a safe top-five quarterback that will not only put up consistent production every week but will have weeks that will WIN me the week.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: Cooper Kupp in the fifth round. I should have grabbed Mark Ingram here to give myself another high volume RB that will have consistent production every week. In redrafts, RB depth is what wins leagues. With Kupp coming off of a torn ACL injury, this was a risky pick. With the first 6 or 7 picks in redraft leagues, I should be looking for lower-risk players.

Confidence in Team: I would give myself a draft grade of B. I feel that my biggest mistakes were having too many players from one team (three players from Buccaneers: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin & Ronald Jones) and reaching for Cooper Kupp in the fifth. Though I do believe Jameis Winston could have a 5,000 passing yard season next year, which would make those players extremely valuable.

Favorite Overall Team: Stephen Halpuka’s team is scary top to bottom. He had low risk – high production players in the early rounds and high upside players who can easily emerge as superstars in the later rounds. I was furious to see Latavious Murray go in the ninth round and Ito Smith in the thirteenth round. Murray will be an RB2 worst case next year, and Ito will most likely split the backfield 50/50 with Devonta Freeman next year to reduce injury risk now that Tevin Coleman is out of town. Kudos to him.

Draft Slot: #7

Team Owner:  Andrew

Draft Strategy: There are two rules I live by when it comes to fantasy drafts: Firstly, you can’t win your league in the first round, but you sure as hell can lose it. Second, per The Talented Mr. Roto, roughly 30% of your weekly points are going to come from your first two picks, so make sure you nail rounds one and two. Some people prefer best available, some like to go heavy on RBs or WRs, but my approach is generally always the same: Stud RB round one, and best available RB/WR in rounds 2-4.

While who I draft depends on who is available, it is always the expectation that I come out of the first four rounds with 2 RB and 2WR. In this particular draft I wound up taking DeAndre Hopkins round one, so while it’s a little out of character, Nuk is hard to pass up. Round 5 is when it’s time to start thinking about at TE. Given the inconsistent state of TE’s for fantasy purposes, I may even reach for a TE in the fourth round, but that all depends on the flow of the draft. By round six I’m starting to consider QB’s, and rounds 7-15 I’m taking the best available RB’s and WR’s. It is possible I draft a second TE, but never a second QB.

Defense may happen as early as round 12, which sounds like a bit of a reach, but if you’ve got a top end defense hanging around, I’ll take a chance on them. Kickers are almost always Mr. Irrelevant, but one important thing to note: I never draft kickers who play at home outdoors. Come November and December when the temperatures drop, and the wind picks up, give me someone who is playing in a dome.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: To be honest I wasn’t crazy about this draft, but hey that’s the purpose of mocks, to work out the kinks before the big day. I like Kerryon Johnson round four and Chris Carson round six. I think there is solid value there for two guys who showed they could tote the rock with authority last season.

There are definitely some concerns as the Lions do a shockingly good job of splitting Johnson’s carries in the most unnecessary way possible, and the addition of C.J. Anderson is definitely going to chew in to his usage, but I think that HC Matt Patricia got the hint down the stretch that Johnson is a rare talent. Given the change in philosophy we saw in the Seahawks last season concerning their running attack, I love Chris Carson in the sixth round. Rashaad Penny will likely continue to contribute to the one-two punch they established in Seattle, but Carson’s effectiveness was displayed last season, and I think he can keep that momentum going into next season.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: Amari Cooper in round three or Russell Wilson in Round seven. I am not crazy about either of these picks. While these are both fair picks with respect to their projected ADPs, I am not convinced of their productivity. As stated earlier, the Seahawks have shifted to a run-first offense, with Wilson scaling back what made him such a dynamic fantasy player in years past: the ability to scramble, improvise, and run the ball. While Wilson in round 7 isn’t a bad pick, I would have preferred another player. The same thing goes for Cooper, who revitalized a struggling Cowboys passing attack last season, showing immediate chemistry with Dak Prescott.

While Coop had some monster games, he also had some duds. There is definite potential for Coop to be a solid WR2, but the inconsistency in production and Dallas’ passing attack is concerning. While Coop in round three isn’t a bad pick by any means, it is one I don’t have a ton of confidence in. Jacksonville’s defense in round 12 is a ridiculous stretch. However, I can’t take credit for that once since this was a victim of auto draft. It’s not so much taking a defense in round 12 that is concerning, but Sacksonville is no more. Another defense would have been much more appropriate.

Confidence in Team: On a scale from 1-10, I’m going to give my team a 7. I’ve got some dynamic starters in Nuk Hopkins, Chubb, Cooper, Kerryon, Ebron, and Wilson, but I have some concerns with Wilson and the degree to which the addition of CJ Anderson will cut into Kerryon’s carries. I’ve got some solid bench depth with LeSean McCoy, Robby Anderson, and Will Fuller, but I was a victim of auto-drafting and not paying attention with two drafted QBs, a struggling defense taken in the 12th round, and Sebastian Janikowski.

Favorite Overall Team: I think Mike and Tom have solid starting squads. Tom hit a home run with Gordon and Thomas in rounds one and two (my exact first and second round picks last year in my $ league), and Mike looks to do some damage with Zeke, Tyreek, and Kelce. What is going to put Mike in a good spot is if the Titans hold to their claims that Henry is going to be the man next year, and of course if Henry can keep up the monster momentum with which he closed out the season last year.

Draft Slot: #8

Team Owner:  Tom

Draft Strategy: My philosophy is to always go “best player available” in the first 3-4 rounds. That being said, I find that I do not want to leave the first couple rounds without at least one legitimate RB on my roster. I then loaded up on receivers and running backs to fill out my starters and early bench before even glancing at quarterback or tight end. I am a strong advocate for waiting on tight end if I miss out on one of the elite three (Kelce, Ertz, Kittle) and I do not look for a quarterback until the double-digit rounds.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: The best value on my team may be as early as the first round with the 10th pick. Melvin Gordon III (Chargers, RB) averaged 23 PPR points/game in 2018, 5th among RBs and only a point per game less than 2nd place (McCaffery and Barkley with 24.1 pts/gm). He missed four games and still finished as RB8 on the season. The sour taste he left in mouths by missing the fantasy playoffs will deflate his value heading into 2018, and I plan to capitalize.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: David Njoku (Browns, TE) in the eighth round. I love Njoku as a player, but am skeptical he can continue to expand his role in the Browns offense with Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Antonio Callaway, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt all commanding targets. He will continue to be a red zone presence, but his bust potential may be high given low target share any given week.

Confidence in Team: I think this team is a contender. I structure teams with as many starting RBs as possible and pair them with high upside receivers who can win me a given week. I think this team fits that mold and has a high ceiling.

Favorite Overall Team:  I lean Halupka’s. Pairing Christian McCaffery, Dalvin Cook, and Derrius Guice with Keenan Allen, Kenny Golladay, and Tyler Lockett can crush opponents with a high floor and epic ceiling.

Draft Slot: #9

Team Owner:  Anthony

Draft Strategy: Since this was a 10 team mock, I knew there was going to be great players available to me throughout the draft. Therefore, I choose to wait on QB and TE until the 10th round. That way I could stack up on RB’s and WR’s. Mission accomplished.

Favorite Pick/Best Value: Lamar Miller (8.02). I think people forget that Lamar Miller is still the bell cow on the Texans roster. He was 23 yards short of 1,000 yards last season and averaged a solid 4.6 yards per carry. Unless the Texans draft a good RB this month, another 225 touches for Miller is a lock. That kind of production in round 8 is a steal.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: Jay Ajayi (12.2). This will be either a throwaway pick or a lottery ticket. Ajayi, only 25 years old, has been riddled with injuries throughout his career. But when he’s on the field, the guy can produce. Still a free agent, the landing spot will determine his actual value this season. If it’s a bad situation for Ajayi, this pick could be a complete waste.

Confidence in Team: I love the depth of this team. I took some chances on Leonard Fournette and Courtland Sutton but backed them up with Tarik Cohen and Golden Tate. Matt Ryan Dow’s

Favorite Overall Team:

Draft Slot: #10

Team Owner:  Aaron

Draft Strategy: Since I was drafting from the turn at the end of the first round I wanted to make sure I got two reliable starters that I could count on. Once my top-three receivers were taken ahead of me decided to go with pass-catching running backs that don’t have any competition for snaps.  

Favorite Pick/Best Value: It’s rare to get a starting running back with the last pick in the seventh round, but that’s exactly what I got with Kenyan Drake. I believe he’ll get a better look with a new coaching staff in place, and don’t think Kalen Ballage is a true threat to take over the top role with the Dolphins, even if they are in tank mode.

Worst Pick/Biggest Reach: Selecting Dante Pettis at the top of the eighth was probably a bit aggressive. I love what he showed at the end of last season, but there are still a lot of question marks surrounding the distribution of touches in San Fransisco when everybody is healthy.

Confidence in Team: I’m extremely happy with how this draft played out for my team. I was able to get three starting running backs and potentially five receivers that should be the top target for their respective teams. I don’t have an elite quarterback or tight end, so I’d have to live the streaming life and hope for the best at those positions.

Favorite Overall Team: I’ll give the nod to Tom on this one. He loaded up on running back and receiver talent up front and was able to snag Cam Newton near the end of the 11th round. He also grabbed three high-upside receivers near the end of the draft that could end up paying off big dividends this season. Nice work Tom.

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