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Antonio Brown’s Wild Ride: Wins even when he loses September 9, 2019

In a shocking turn of events, Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patriots. The idea has been tossed around over the last couple of weeks during Brown’s fallout with Oakland as a complete joke. No one could have actually guessed, or have thought...

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T. J. Yeldon’s Impact in Buffalo April 23, 2019

The Bills have signed running back to a two-year deal and now have about as many running backs as they do offensive linemen. I recently wrote an article with a section discussing the possible landing spots for the former fantasy darling. Admittedly I was ...

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Truth or Bogus: Week 13 Recap December 7, 2018

Cue the fanfare and revelry; you’ve made the fantasy playoffs! At least, I hope you have… You’d have to be some kind of maniac to keep torturing yourself with fantasy football articles when your season is dead to rights. So for those of you who are ...

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