Why is there ‘now’ a Paywall for content on the website?


The time and commitment to create something truly unique and equally impactful is the primary reasoning behind this step. These Guides are planned and developed over the course of a year to ensure they are ripe with edge and difference making content for you to lean on as a resource. Each staff member assigned to our Guides have committed not only to themselves and to their Guides mates, but also to you, our loyal readers and have earned the right to be compensated.



Our primary job is to remain accountable to our readers, through ensuring we provide consistent, quality and impact laden content. The best way to not only stabilize, but continue expanding our offerings is to establish a platform where we can continue to build a passionate and equally knowledgeable writing staff who are driven by their passion, sustained through their dedication and fueled by your appreciation.  

We house an overall site wide staff of 80 passionate individuals each dedicated to developing the type of content purposed towards helping our readers & listeners secure an edge over their fellow fantasy league mates. This diversified approach is what differentiates us within the industry. We are not a “group think tank”, rather a platform supported through a balance of perspectives.

To continue our goal of expanding our offerings, while maintaining the quality and consistency you deserve, we must continue to insulate our platform with a passionate, and knowledgeable staff. Thus, the Factory Sports Membership fees allow our staff, our site and our future to continue its growth. Our mission is clear and our vision is ever-expanding. Make no mistake, we have only just begun!


Will there be more than a single Factory Sports Membership option?

The 12-month and Month-to-Month Memberships are our first leap into paywall territory. However, we will continue to monitor the best ways to keep our readers informed, and if that means rolling out different Membership options in the future then rest assured that is something we will do.


What else will/could be added to the Factory Sports Membership?

We pride ourselves in being a platform which has never rested on its laurels. We are constantly reviewing new ways of creating impact content and when those new streams of information are solidified they may very well find their way as part of Membership access, just as long as we deem them worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

Note: Any content add-ons to Membership-only access will not affect your current Membership price point. IF Membership price points are affected it would only come into effect upon renewal. Therefore, to clarify, for those with active Memberships, this content will simply be made available at no extra cost to your current Membership plan.


How can I cancel the auto renew option?

Although it is our hope that you find our price points and content worthy of your hard-earned dollars you may cancel/stop the auto-renew option via your Membership portal at any time.


Do you offer Refunds?

The short answer, there are no refunds. The longer answer is that refund requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

Note: Any refund request must be submitted through your personal Factory Sports Membership portal. In the event of a refund request, the likeliest scenario would be a pro-rated amount from the date of request.

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