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Days to Come: Oakland Raiders

Days to Come: Oakland Raiders Change comes upon you fast. One minute you’re the Raaaaaaaaaaaaiders playing in the Black Hole and the next you’re preparing to move to Sin City with your 2017 title hopes tied to a 31-year-old RB who wasn’t even in the

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Draft Grades: AFC West

  The Wild, Wild (AFC) West has quietly become the NFL’s most competitive division, boasting the vaunted Denver #NoFlyZone defense, the Oakland (soon-to-be Las Vegas) Raiders’ high-scoring offense, the most well-rounded roster in the league in Ka

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Devy Startup: Part 3

I recently finished a startup draft that consisted of NFL veterans, rookies and Devy players. I’ve lost count of how many Devy leagues I’m in, but including Devy players in the startup draft was new to me. It’s not an uncommon type of Devy start-up