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Corn? Elder? You might be thinking “You’re making that name up”, I wish I was that creative, but yes that is his name, pretty impressive. Not only is Corn Elder just a fun name to toss around he is actually someone to keep an eye on as an IDP sleeper. The Cornerback from Miami has a tremendous skill set and could be a profound impact player in the NFL. Before we break down Elder’s game I’m going to first point out one major concern, 5’10. Unfortunately the senior from Miami (FL) is lacking in the size department, but he makes up for a height deficiency with being solid in every facet of his game. Nickel corner may be his niche in the NFL, if it is, he should be a damn good nickel corner.

Strengths: First of all, Elder may just be the fastest corner in this class, if not, he is indeed close (here he is chasing down Dalvin Cook)

His quickness and speed will certainly help him cover those fleet-footed slot receivers. We’ll see how he runs at the combine but for now, his official 40 yard dash time is 4.42, definitely impressive.


To go along with his incredible athleticism, Elder has swift hips like you wouldn’t believe.

Having fluid hips is of magnified importance for nickel corners because they cannot simply angle a wide receiver to the sideline as an outside corner can. In the two most important categories for a cornerback (athleticism, hips) Elder marks very well, which points to a bright future in the NFL.

Run Defense:

Run defense? Yes, at 5’10 Elder is a great run defender!

He has incredible football IQ and sound tackling technique! I don’t expect the former Hurricane to struggle at all in the run game.

Man Coverage:

Lastly, his proficiency in man to man coverage is extremely encouraging. He is so good at the little things such as hand fighting and body positioning; these things can go a long way. These little skills are examples of ways you can make up for lack of height.



Here it is, Elder’s only glaring weakness. Unfortunately, there is nothing Elder or any team can do to change how tall he is. You just have to recognize it and look for ways to compensate for it. Where this hurts a cornerback often is in the deep passing game, a quarterback will put up a deep ball, and the player who can get higher will be the one to come down with it. This is where Elder will be at a major disadvantage.


At the end of the day summing up Elder’s game is pretty simple. He’s a tremendous talent even though he lacks the height you desire out of a corner. I have him as a second-round grade due to how well he should perform as a nickel corner. With the increased usage of the most talented receivers out of the slot, nickel or slot corner should no longer be undervalued. Consider him as an IDP sleeper for now, but as someone to keep your eye on.





Bradley Ylitalo, Minneapolis MN. Bethel Football Student Coach. Scouting/Devy writer for the Dynasty Football Factory. Follow me on twitter @NFL_drafthub or find me on facebook: Bradley Ylitalo

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