We are now in the dead zone for Fantasy Football and by all means, enjoy your cookouts and poolside adventures. Also please remember that this is the last month without NFL football. So, if your league has trades open now and you want to get away from your wife and kids, in-laws or the relatives who pop by unannounced like Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, I have your escape. So, grab your phone, tablet or laptop and find a hole in the attic or crawl space and read this 8 part series of IDP Buy/Sell. If you immerse yourself into this series, you will win a lot in your IDP leagues. Now, welcome to the series that WILL take you to the Promised Land.

On to the…


NFC North

Minnesota Vikings

Buy: Danielle Hunter, Defensive End – Let me first say that this young man is expected to play 80 percent of the defensive snaps this season after only playing in 57 percent of the snaps last season. His 12.5 sacks were a revelation for the Vikings. Now, he will have the starting spot all to himself. Mr. Hunter may be one of the next big-time, blow you up and win you a game kind of IDP players. Now it is all up to him to prove that 2016 was no fluke.

Sell: No One, None – I could say, Anthony Barr, LBer, because of the same reasons as Von Miller and Khalil Mack. But Barr is not in their territory as of yet. I love the Viking defense. Enough said.

Green Bay Packers

Buy: Kenny Clark, Defensive End – Coach McCarthy said that Mr. Clark is the most improved 2nd-year guy on the roster. After only playing 333 snaps last year, he now will be deployed more often, and he has done nothing to disprove this in the recent OTA’s. Ten sacks plus is not out of the question this year for Mr. Clark.

Sell: Morgan Burnett, Safety – This is another hard sell for me because I like the potential of the Packers IDP’s. The writing is on the wall for this 8th-year vet. Green Bay drafted Safety Josh Jones in the late 2nd round of this past year’s draft. He is one of my favorites because he is versatile and hard hitting. He will, in the end, be one of the top safeties that came out in 2017. It is just a matter of time before he takes over for the veteran.

Detroit Lions

Buy: Jarrad Davis & Jalen Reeves-Mabin, Linebackers – The Lions finally made a move to secure the middle of their defense after DeAndre Levy was injured and fell off. Jarrad Davis is already calling plays, and he brings a swagger and an instinctive presence to the middle of that, not so IDP friendly defense. Joining Mr. Davis on draft day this past year was LBer Jalen Reeves-Mabin, who looks to be eyeing a starting spot himself coming into training camp. If there ever was a sleeper this year to watch and take a gamble on it is this young man.  

Sell: Ziggy Ansah, Defensive End – There was one point in his short career that I had high hopes for Big Ziggy. I put all my chips on him in 2015 and he did reward me decently. But, after his high ankle sprain, he never looked like himself since. I sold him right after his highlighted season and grabbed me the force that is “L-Will” Leonard Williams of the New York Jets. I hope he can come back after this very tough injury, because there are some injuries that you can come back from easily, to the same form, and then there is a handful that could hurt you for life. The high ankle sprain is one of them, if not rehabbed properly. Good Luck Ziggy.

Chicago Bears

Buy: Jerrell Freeman, Linebacker – Not only could this be Mr. Freeman’s best year in IDP ever, but this man is also a hero! In the Austin Texas airport dining area, he performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking patron. The fist squeeze by Jerrell was not enough, but on the more powerful second tight squeeze, the food came flying out! The man told him that he just saved his life. So, besides being a hero, he will be the main tackle machine on a bleak Bears defense. After holding down 87 tackles last year, I think that flirting with a 100 this year is not out of the question.

Sell: Leonard Floyd, Linebacker – If you know me by now then you know I only will draft outside linebackers if they have a consistent tackling numbers among their sack total. I can see the potential of Mr. Floyd and the big games he could have. Let me say again; high-risk high reward players do not help you win consistently. There are some Leonard Floyd “truth-ers” out there, ( I have seen them, they are like the people who think the earth is flat ) that you can dump him off on to for some unknown MLBers or ILBers, who in the end will help you win more often.

Thank you for reading and supporting the DFF Army and me. If you would like more Dynasty Football info, hit me up @FatAdamSchefter on Twitter. Good luck in 2017! (But, not if you are in a league with me!)



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