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Zero RB vs. Zero WR

There’s a war brewing in the fantasy football community. A split, a great divide that could change everything going forward. What is causing this great schism? Team #ZeroWR vs. #ZeroRB. Blood will spill and many great lives will be lost. Okay itR

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chief may have the least sexy offensive players in all of professional football and by extension, the entirety of North America. I’m even including CFL teams like the Montreal Alouettes in this assessment, at least they have Duron Carter

Houston Texans

With OTA’s in full swing across the league, it’s an excellent time to check in with a team that has been uber-busy this off-season acquiring new shiny toys for the fantasy community to debate over. Let’s get down to it. Quarterback: Brock Osweiler (

Selling High

Most assets we accumulate tend come with an expiration date built-in and the dynasty value of a player is no different in this regard. It’s important to determine whether you would you be better served holding onto a player or strike when the iron is ho

Philadelphia Eagles

It has been a hectic two months since I last visited the topic of who to buy & sell on the Philadelphia Eagle’s. There have been resigning’s, trades, free agent pickups and all the typical draft buzz. Let’s dig right into it all. Note: Please cl