#TomBomb: Cincinnati Bengals

You know, it never fails to leave Old Tom speechless every time I venture back to different draft classes and re-examine the selections. In 2017, for example, amongst WRs so many were so sure that the Titans, Chargers, and Bengals struck gold with their top-10 WR. Now, to each individual’s credit, while they may not have matched or exceeded expectations. But, they are still participating... and at relatively high levels from time to time. However, when you come off the board at 5, 7, & 9 respectively, the football community simply expects so much more. With that said, let’s talk about that #9 selection out of the University of Washington. Mr. John Ellis Ross III. You know, that 5’11 194lb burner that set the unofficial record with his 4.22-second forty-yard dash. Ya, that guy.
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