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Fire The Cannons! February 9, 2021

Just a year ago people were debating if Tom Brady would resign with the Patriots. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans were certainly not expecting his services in Tampa Bay. Fast forward to now and Brady practically owns the bay, now hearing it dubbed “Tompa Bay....

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Super Bowl LV: Path to Victory February 7, 2021

I am sure that if you follow me on Twitter, (@FF_Derrick) it is no secret that I am a proud Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. No, I did not board the ship at Raymond James Stadium in the summer of 2020 when Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady signed a two-year dea...

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The Super Bowl Betting Guide February 1, 2021

The Super Bowl betting scene comes with many different kinds of bets. Some of them are related to the game’s outcome, but I think the fun lies with the side bets. I’ll cover both of those in this piece. Let’s get started!...

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