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“In the Player Pit”: TE George Kittle, Iowa

First off, I want to say that I am beyond appreciative of the time that these players give to me. I know that their time is very important. I also appreciate the opportunity to even converse with them.

Iowa’s tight end George Kittle may not be on your fantasy radar as of yet. But, I think you should consider him if he lands on the right team that wants to exploit his soft hands, incredible blocking and size, (6’4” 250lbs.). From what I’ve seen in games he played and the tape that is available, he can block like no other tight end coming into the draft. He absolutely crushes and pancakes players all over the field. This trait is what I noticed first from this young man. After that, I was hooked. So, kick back and pour yourself a nice glass of whatever and read about the tight end that will rise up draft boards here soon, Mr. George Kittle.  

Q: The draft this year has some nice TE depth, what aspect of your game will make you stand out amongst the other TEs?

A: My biggest value is my versatility, at the U of Iowa we like to use the tight ends a lot in the run game. This is something I have become better at in the last 5 years because of the pride and effort I have put into it. I also take pride in running clean routes, or I can either put my hand in the dirt or you can flex me out and have me run across the middle. That is what I have an advantage on more than other people.

(JT)(I commented on how I loved watching him pancake block some players and he responded)

(GK)That is one of my favorite things to do is to get a good block on an “Iso” player on the outside and overpower him.

Q: So what drill at NFL combine did you like to perform the most?

I really liked doing the 40 because a lot of people said I was going to test slow at the combine. (He ran a great 4.52) It was nice to show everybody I’m not just a slow dude from Iowa. (Laughs) The broad jump was fun for me too, because that is something I have always liked.

Q:  Who would you compare yourself to in the pro game?

I really don’t try to compare myself to anybody, but one player I admired growing up was Dallas Clark. He was a player I watched play a lot as a kid and I like to study his strengths and weaknesses.

Q: What have you learned from leaving Iowa till now?

One thing that I learned was to learn how to manage your body. It’s not about being tough or skillful it’s about knowing what and what not you cannot do.

Q: Where will you be viewing the NFL Draft from this year?

I will be with my friends and family in downtown Iowa City.

Q: We’re a bunch a fantasy football maniac’s here at, and we want to know what part of your game will translate into us drafting you, and you scoring us some points?!

(Laughs) Well, I only had limited catches, but I had 10 touchdowns, so I would have to say scoring touchdowns. They just kind of leave me open sometimes in college. It just cracked me up sometimes.

Last question in all of my interviews is a fun one:

Q: If you can see any band or musical act live, from any time period, which would it, be?

Whoa! I’d say alive I would want to go to a Rhianna concert, and dead, Biggie Smalls. I remember in 2015 we were playing Minnesota in a night game and in the 3rd quarter they played Hypnotize. The whole crowd the lit up and you can find the video on YouTube. It was incredible.

(JT) I am rooting for you, even though I am an Ohio State fan and I will see you in the pro’s and maybe one I’ll get to shake your hand and maybe you will be on my Browns!

(GK) Hey, you never know man; I will go anywhere I don’t care!

This is hands down one of my favorite interviews so far, and I wish George the best of luck in his journey!

Keep an eye out for my next interview/article…Connor Harris, LB, Lindenwood!

Until then always keep your head on a swivel “In the Players PIT.”

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And here’s the YouTube video of Kinnick Stadium getting down with some Biggie.


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