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IDP Profile: Derek Wolfe, DE, Denver Broncos

Derek Wolfe, a product of Cincinnati, was selected 36th overall by the Denver Broncos in the 2012 NFL draft.

Beginning with his rookie season Wolfe has had an impact on the field, but how does he fare on your dynasty roster?



Games Tackles Assist Total tkls Sacks PD



26 14 40 6.0



11 11 5 16 4.0



16 24 11 35 1.5 1
2015 12 35 14 49 5.5



14 38 13 51 5.5


TOTAL 69 134 57 191 22.5



Playing time: Perhaps the biggest strength with Wolfe is his consistent playing time. He has 5 seasons under his belt and, besides an injury in 2013; he has provided decent production for fantasy owners who are looking for a weekly boost in points with an occasional boom week.

Run Coverage: Wolfe has been the run-stuffing expert in Denver for the past 2 years to a point where he actually graded out as the best run stopping agent in a 3-4 scheme during the 2015 season according to Pro Football Focus which translates to those 50 total tackles.

Toughness: Towards the final games of the 2016 season Wolfe was playing through a neck injury which sidelined him in week 17 although it had been bothering him since week 15 which adds to the dependable weekly production needed to fill a DE spot if your league requires multiple starting DEs.  Despite the Broncos bringing Jared Crick in from Houston in the 2015 offseason, Wolfe firmly remains the top DE in the Mile High City.


Opportunity: Although he is a decent weekly starter Wolfe is certainly not a DE1 but more of a middle-of-the-pack DE for the occasional FLEX or DE2. He does have some injury history despite the lack of missed games to prove it. Signing Jared Crick out of Houston was supposed to boost not only the defensive front but also help Wolfe maneuver around the field. Even though that reflects in Wolfe’s stats, owners were expecting a little more from Wolfe this past season. Between 2015 and 2016 Wolfe nearly matched his performance and now reports are coming out from camp that 32-year-old Domata Peko from the Cincinnati Bengals could be adding pressure to the edge allowing Wolfe to move around more freely. There is a lot left in Wolfe to be desired if he is sitting on your roster, but the 50 tackles and 5 sacks is starting to look a lot like he has hit his ceiling.

We knew what Wolfe can do. He’s a stout guy, but Peko has been in the four-three system his entire career, so I knew bringing him here, being a 34 nose, it was less penetration, but more being stout on blocks. He’s a big man, he can do it. He’s very, very, very intelligent when it comes to formations and run game. He’s going to help us big time. – Vance Joseph

Pass Coverage: He has decent sack totals and solid tackle numbers, but he would give fantasy owners a huge boost if Domata Peko adds enough pressure to opposing offensive lines to let Wolfe really pursue the QB and convert some of those deflected passes into interceptions or gain a forced fumble or recovery.


Wolfe has flirted with DE1 numbers the past 2 seasons because he has been the sole anchor of the edge rush in Denver. With added veteran Domata Peko he could finally convert himself into a more well-rounded DE and finally find a comfortable place in the hearts of his fantasy owners.


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