2018 DFF Small School Rookie Guide

Just when you think the DFF Devy crew couldn’t possibly cover more of the college
football landscape, we did. We are happy to bring to you the FIRST edition of the 2018
Small School Rookie Guide. We were tired of hearing fans say “I wonder who the next
unknown break out player will be.” So, we brought them to you. Our team searched
through one of the most difficult landscapes to evaluate, to bring you the top players
from the FCS, Division II and NAIA ranks. We gathered the top 30 small school
prospects that have the best shot at being drafted or catching on as an undrafted free
agent and brought you a full on information onslaught.

Here is what info you will find about the prospects in the SSRG:

  • Strengths/weaknesses along with analysis
  • 2017 and Career Stats
  • Combine/Pro Day Measurables (if available)
  • 2018 Draft Prediction
  • Player Impact Projections
  • Player Comps
  • Cutting Edge Analytics

Now the best part about this whole package…………ITS FREE!! So download now and
tell a friend or two or three. If you enjoy the hard work our team put into this offering
there is a donate button at the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance and we hope
you enjoy the Small School Rookie Guide!


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