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32 Teams, 64 Takes, 1 IDP Championship: NFC East

We are now in the dead zone for Fantasy Football and by all means, enjoy your cookouts and poolside adventures. Also please remember that this is the last month without in season NFL football. So, if your league has trades open now and you want to get away from your wife and kids, in-laws or the relatives who pop by unannounced like Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, I have your escape. So, grab your phone, tablet or laptop and find a hole in the attic or crawl space and read this 8 part series of IDP Buy/Sell. If you immerse yourself into this series, you will win a lot in your IDP leagues. Now, welcome to the series that WILL take you to the Promised Land.


New York Giants

Buy: B.J. Goodson, Linebacker –  @DFF_JohnIDP and I have been beating the table for Mr. Goodson for some time now. He is a relative unknown in most typical IDP circles. That is until this coming year. He will be starting in the middle of the Giants defense in 2017. Just look at the tremendous talent in front of him such as J.P.P., Vernon and “Snacks” Harrison and the amazing talent behind him in Landon Collins. B.J. will have a millisecond more of reaction time because the offense will have to contend with the players around him. He should clean up on tackles this year. 75-85 tackles in his first full season is not out of the question.

Sell: Jonathan Casillas, Linebacker – With the man I highlighted above now taking over MLBer duties in New York I think that Mr. Casillas’s stats should come back down to reality. He is a versatile and hard working 9-year vet that is best suited to run and cover if need be. If you are looking for another Giants linebacker to stash, by the way, UDFA Calvin Munson is a name to remember.

Philadelphia Eagles

Buy: Derek Barnett, Defensive End – I wish my Browns would have gotten this beast instead of Myles Garrett. In the end, it may be apple and oranges, but I just love the tenacity Mr. Barnett brings to the table. He beat Reggie White’s sack total at Tennessee and didn’t get most of his sacks last year in only one game against a virtual no body, (AKA, the way Garrett did in 2016). If you are here reading this that means you are in my niche’ within a niche’ and you know Derek Barnett has been tearing it up in the preseason. So, stop now, and if you are in a must start DE IDP league, he is a great piece to own.

Sell: Nigel Bradham, Linebacker – Charged in a felony battery case from last summer, Mr. Bradham still may get a 1-6 game suspension this coming season. Sell him now and reap the bennies! Some people I know still love him and think he can repeat what he did last year. This is false, and even if he does not get a suspension, there are far better options in the basket.

Dallas Cowboys

Buy: Byron Jones, Safety – I loved Jones from the 1st time I saw him play while he was at UConn and saw the explosion and all around burst to the ball carrier or play. In 2016, from weeks 10 to 15, Mr. Jones put up an average score of 19.5 fantasy points a game. This was phenomenal for the ones who nabbed him late in the year. The Cowboys got a steal in the late first round in the 2015 draft. He, in the end, could go down as their best safety ever. When he blew up the combine that year, I knew he was up there but nothing like that. GRAB HIM ALL OVER!

Sell: Taco Charlton, Defensive End – I know he is only a rookie and he is raw. Charlton also has a big red flag with back and hip injuries. I don’t know about you but, I have had a bad back injury since a 2005 car accident, and it changed my life because of my two blown discs in my lower back. I feel amazing one day then I pick up the milk jug or the toilet seat wrong, and I’m out of commission for 2 weeks. Just look elsewhere for a dependable defensive end. (Also, one that isn’t from that crap school called Michigan. UGH!)

Washington Redskins

Buy: Josh Harvey-Clemons, Safety – I’m going to go deeper than Pennywise the clown goes under the pipes that run under your house on this one. This young man is a physical monster and showed up in his first preseason game ready to ball with 6 tackles. He has to gain a little more weight on his frame (6’4” 220 right now). He may be the need at box linebacker that Washington needs to cover the athletic tight ends in their conference. He has the ability and the tackling prowess to be that kind of beast. Grab him or even wait and pick him up later and stash him.

Sell: Mason Foster, Linebacker – The early rumblings at the Washington camp was that Will Compton and Zach Brown are the 2 starting middle linebackers. Mason Foster was a stop gap that had a little better season than expected. With the signing of Brown in the off season signaled the death nail for Mr. foster in D.C.

Just 1 more segment in this series… NFC West!

Thank you for reading and supporting the DFF Army and me. If you would like more IDP, PPR or any Dynasty Football info, hit me up @FatAdamSchefter on Twitter. Good luck in 2017! (But, not if you are in a league with me! HA!)


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