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Redraft Right and Wrong

Man, did we have a crazy 2018 fantasy football season or what?! This season seemed to be a year full of surprises, disappointments and everything in between. Key players were plagued by nagging injuries, guys sat out for an entire season, and many of the

Week Ten Rumor Mill Recap

Leading up to gameday each week Aaron Larson (@aalarson) examines the hottest NFL rumors and offers insights for potential fantasy football implications they might have heading into the weekend. So, grab your beverage or snack of choice and get ready for

Wacky Play Week 7

In this era of the Philly Special and record-breaking touchdown passes from defenders, it seems like a team is coming with a wacky new play every game. But are these play calls a sign of season-long tendencies, or just a flash in the pan? I’ll attempt t