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Week Thirteen Rumor Mill Recap

Leading up to gameday each week Aaron Larson (@aalarson) examines the hottest NFL rumors and offers insights for potential fantasy football implications they might have heading into the weekend. So, grab your beverage or snack of choice and get ready for

Truth or Bogus: Week 10 Recap

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” – Anton Chekhov Welcome back, intrepid GMs. We are plunging into the icy depths of the fantasy football season. Toes curled and breath held in anticipation of the breach. Will you sink o

Targets for your Title Run

It’s that time of year my friends… A time when those “in-the-know” take their 2018 fantasy season by the horns and make a push for a championship… Through solid roster construction, excellent start/sit decisions, schedule fortune, and/or just ow

Truth or Bogus? Week 6 Recap

We’re quickly approaching the midway point of the Fantasy Football regular season. Hopefully, you’re all sitting with a healthy record and a solid team. Though even if you drafted well, this season has been painful for injuries and busts. So whether y

Post Week 2 Buys & Sells

In this weekly article, I will highlight those players who have emerged as Buy Low or Sell High candidates during the previous week(s). After week 2 is when panic mode can begin to set in. Fantasy gamers can forgive one week of poor performance easily, bu

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