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Projected Futures: Week 5

The direction our teams take early on in the season will play a significant role in the type of trades we make throughout the year. As an owner it is hard to part with my future draft picks unless I know it is going to put me in contention for a champions

2018 NFL Mock Draft

It’s that time of the year, mock draft season is upon us! Going through the season with all the ups and downs your teams are taking, it’s always exciting to see what players they could possibly be bringing into the fold come draft time. And for us Dyn

CFF: Week 5 Sneaky Plays

A very interesting Week Four is in the books, and it is now time to look ahead to the fifth week of the college football season and the “sneaky” plays it has in store for fantasy owners. Here is a look at some guys who might fill in nicely for owners

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