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As I have been drafting this year I have taken notice of a few LBs that can play WAY above their ADP. When you are able to get starters in the late rounds of drafts who can contribute as a higher scoring player you’re doing it right. Same thoughts in trading during the downtime of July. My recommendation is to scour your rosters and try and move some players or draft picks, for players you can get on the cheap now!

B.J. Goodson, New York Giants. You can read his profile I wrote last year here. I was very high on his skill-set coming into last season’s draft. With the 2016 season as a year to learn and study the game, he will be ready to come out fighting to show he can man the middle of the defense for the Giants. He has been getting drafted as an LB4 and even later this year. Our ADP has him in the late 40 at LB. ’s. In 12 team leagues that start 3 or more LB’s he could reach LB3 statistics and I believe, could break into the LB2 range. I’m looking at 80 tackles this year for him which would be a help to any IDP unit. Well worth the late-round flier.

K.J. Wright, Seattle Seahawks. This guy seems to never get the love he deserves. Open your arms and welcome his steady and consistent tackles onto your franchise. The past three years he has averaged 73 tackles a season. In 2016 he finished as the 14th ranked LB in my tackle heavy leagues. Our ADP has him as the 25th LB drafted. On MFL ADP he is the 30th LB off the board. Again, not a bad target for a guy putting up LB2 totals. Send some offers, maybe a 4th round rookie pick can work for you, or Perhaps one of your bench players can be used to add yourself a plug and play LB?

Avery Williamson, Tennessee Titans. This is another player who will give you consistent production. I’m expecting another 70 tackle season which would add you another plug and play LB. His cost is also very affordable.  Dangle a 4th round draft pick and see if you can’t add yourself a proven producer. Look at your team makeup and see if you can’t lose some depth somewhere else or, use him as an add on in a larger trade. The Titans have not added much depth to their LB core, which will keep him playing with no risk any time soon.

These are three players I have looked to add to my teams. All three are players you can target a little later in drafts and you can obtain for cheaper than you would think. Use this last month with no football to make some upgrades to your rosters. Hit me up anytime on Twitter: @DFF_JohnIDP



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