2020 NFL Draft Summer Profile: Justin Herbert

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The 2020 draft class has gotten a lot of hype, but that makes those picks all the more crucial. In this article, @AJDraftScout examines Justin Herbert, the quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. Does he have the skill set to become a great NFL player, or is he hitting his peak in college? Especially in superflex leagues, hitting on those quarterbacks early will be crucial, and we're here to help you decide who is worth it. After the NFL Draft is over, scouts all over begin preparing for the next one in an incredible cycle of rinse and repeat. The biggest names are always the stars, but there is one question circulating in every scout’s mind: Who is the next franchise quarterback? Who is the next Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, or Carson Wentz?All this noise and hype about quarterbacks makes sense. Quarterbacks are by far the most important position in football, and a team that has a rookie QB has an advantage in team-building. Teams understand this and make quarterbacks a premium commodity. Since 2000, all but six NFL drafts have had a quarterback go number one overall and only two of those six did not have a quarterback taken in the top-10. On the flip side, twelve, count them up, twelve drafts had two or more quarterbacks in the top-10.The 2020 quarterback group is no different. While I don’t believe it will be like the 2018 NFL Draft where five quarterbacks were taken in the first round, there are some talented names out there. However, the battle for QB1 of this 2020 class has a clear-cut leader:
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