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2017 Devy Watch

What is Devy Watch?

Devy Watch originated as Dynasty Football Factory’s way of following college football players or fantasy football developmental prospects. In less than one year, Devy Watch evolved from a Twitter hashtag and occasional article into this project where the Devy Team watched, analyzed, and profiled 200 college football players.

Who is Devy Watch useful to?

If you live for college football, you can use Devy Watch to get to know players at schools other than your alma mater. Do you want to know just how good your rival’s best player is? Are you already looking for the top prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft or would you like to know the nation’s top incoming freshmen?We’ve got you covered. After reading through this report, you’ll see that helmet sticker coming long before Mark May can award it on ESPN’s College Football Final.

If you play fantasy football in any capacity, Devy Watch is for you. If you play in a Devy league, you’ll find profiles for everyone worthy of being drafted no matter how deep your Devy draft goes. If you are in a full college football league, there are enough profiles here to help you build a winner for years to come. If your 2017 rookie drafts are over and you are just looking to get a leg up on your league in 2018 then you can’t go wrong with these profiles.


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DFF Co-Owner. VP College Scouting & Development. Host of The Devy Watch Podcast. Focused on watching the development of athletes all the way from high school to the NFL.

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