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Salary Cap = Weapon

You’ve heard me talk a little about using cap space as a weapon before in my articles, but namely in terms of how you can free up cap space to be able to keep turning over your unwanted/overpriced players and get cheap talent in return. But, really, t

Devy Startup: Part 3

I recently finished a startup draft that consisted of NFL veterans, rookies and Devy players. I’ve lost count of how many Devy leagues I’m in, but including Devy players in the startup draft was new to me. It’s not an uncommon type of Devy start-up

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The Gronk Effect

Rob Gronkowski has been the clear #1 Tight End for general purposes for some time now. However, some fantasy players don’t believe Gronkowski offers an advantage that is worth the cost of acquiring him. This article will investigate exactly what the imp

WR Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks

Welcome to the Dynasty Football Factory’s Video Analysis section. The following video is the brain child of creator and analyst Alex Rollins @BHAnalysis. In this in-depth video analysis Alex takes the production microscope to Seahawks wide r

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