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QB Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Welcome to the Dynasty Football Factory’s Video Analysis section. The following video is the second offering from creator and analyst Alex Rollins @BHAnalysis & DFF Moderator Michael Hughes @thatshiftybloke. In this video, Alex breaks

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Buffalo Bills

Disclaimer: It pains me to write this ensuing intro as a long time Buffalo Bills fan, but the truth hurts. With that being said…let’s get to it! The Buffalo Bills are the forgotten team of the NFL. When you ask the casual fan to name the professional

Intro to Devy Part 2: Scouting 101

Have you ever looked at a set of player rankings and drafted the top available player without knowing anything about him? We’ve all done it at some point. Was that pick a success? If so, were you happy or did you breathe a sigh of nervous relief? I bet

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Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chief may have the least sexy offensive players in all of professional football and by extension, the entirety of North America. I’m even including CFL teams like the Montreal Alouettes in this assessment, at least they have Duron Carter

Intro to Devy Part 1: Getting Started

If you’re reading this article, you’ve found the first article in DFF’s brand new Devy section. Today, is part one of your introduction to Devy and our aim is to introduce you to the Devy league format. In the near future, we’ll debut part two of

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QB Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Welcome to the Dynasty Football Factory’s new Video Analysis section. The following video is the first, with many more to come, from creator and analyst, Alex Rollins @BHAnalysis. In this video, Alex breaks down some of the finer points of what

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Salary Cap/Auction Drafts

In one of my recent pieces, I provided an introductory overview of how Salary Cap dynasty leagues work, and the basics behind how to focus on valuation, as you have to factor a player’s production, as well as their cost, into determining their true wor