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The Dynasty Football Factory was designed to cater not only to the die-hard Dynasty Football owner, but to those new to the Dynasty Football experience. Whether you need help building your Dynasty team with advice on who to start, who to buy & sell or if you just like to talk Fantasy Football, then you have come to the right place! Send us a tweet, e-mail or feel free to send us a message via carrier pigeon, The Dynasty Football Factory is here to serve you! The time is now to have some fun and remember…in Dynasty Football, Always Be Building!

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Michael Goins, DFF Owner

DFF ARMY Ownership Team:

Michael Goins

CEO/President, Writer


Former college football wide receiver turned degenerate Fantasy Footballer in 1994. Today, I am a reformed Re-Draft Owner now firmly hooked on Dynasty Football. A Gypsy soul with a love for family, a passion for travel, and a desire to retire with my toes in the sand and a tasty libation in hand.

Erwin Amurao

CDIO/VP of Digital Content


I am the ultimate competitor to the other team as well as myself. What I do not gain in wins, I gain in experience, therefore there is no doubt I will be better than I was. Grateful to those who have provided me support and strength over the years and I pay it forward to those who can use my help now. Much love to my wife, immediate and extended family, friends, sports, Lindy Hop, vlogging, the internet, and Italian Beef sandwiches from Portillo's.

Michael Chamberlin

CTO/VP of Operations, Web Developer


I am a Web Designer/Developer living in Rochester, NY, and have been a Bills fan all my life. In order to get myself through yet another season without my team in the playoffs, I took up fantasy football to fulfill my needs. I've been involved in fantasy football since 2006 in standard leagues, dynasty since 2015.

Shane Manila

CBO/VP of Quality Control, Co-Rankings Master, Writer, Editor


I've played fantasy football since the days you'd have to attempt to calculate your scores using the box score from the newspaper. The only thing I love more than fantasy football would be my wife, children and music. Love the daily grind and the process of attempting to build winning teams that can be successful for a long time. Talking, listening, researching, reading and writing about Dynasty Football probably consumes way too much of my time, but that's okay.

Lawrence Chaney

CSO/VP of College Scouting & Development, Writer


Born and raised in the Evergreen State as a Seahawks fan. My passion for scouting and evaluating players led me to the life of Dynasty and I've been hooked since 2012. My goal is to evaluate and form opinions based off of my own knowledge of the game. You win some you learn some.



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